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Now that's some fucking fantastic news! Just the fact that he tweeted about it means that millions of people are now going to be aware of the genocide going on in SA that the (((MSM))) has been deafeningly silent on.


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Maybe a few the other will still focuse on all the "scandals" ( which iam not saying are not true or irrelevant but are completly blown out proportion especially compared to his predecessor) why because people don't see why they should give a fuck when its not chewing their ass they just don't see how this relates to them even when the same shit is happening to them on a more subtel level, they would have to admit that the ebil rightwingers are right about most things in their country before they can handle the SA pill.

But yes even if it just makes one more think its worth it.


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The shitheels on the left are going to use this to accuse Trump of being a racist -- not that they haven't already been doing that.


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Yea! People that sit at home all day sucking on handouts will know about this! People that fund handouts for immigrants (unwillingly) will be busy working, raising, and feeding their kids...


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People getting handouts generally detest others who compete with them for these handouts. A simple reduction in handouts to provide more for the poor starving South Africans would bring with it public support for a reduction in aid which could far surpass any increase.

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Fuck illegal invaders you cuck.

I don't care about them because they are shit hole people from a shit hole country.