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Now that's some fucking fantastic news! Just the fact that he tweeted about it means that millions of people are now going to be aware of the genocide going on in SA that the (((MSM))) has been deafeningly silent on.

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Maybe a few the other will still focuse on all the "scandals" ( which iam not saying are not true or irrelevant but are completly blown out proportion especially compared to his predecessor) why because people don't see why they should give a fuck when its not chewing their ass they just don't see how this relates to them even when the same shit is happening to them on a more subtel level, they would have to admit that the ebil rightwingers are right about most things in their country before they can handle the SA pill.

But yes even if it just makes one more think its worth it.

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The shitheels on the left are going to use this to accuse Trump of being a racist -- not that they haven't already been doing that.

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This tweet has more anti trump spam in the comments than i have ever seen.

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Makes you want to throw up

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Makes me want to exterminate fucking communists. I’m tired of playing patty cake with these sick motherfuckers.

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They're scared of something. Full shill chimp-out last few days.

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Bunch of shills in here too

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The closer to the truth he tweaks, the more shills come out of the wood work.

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I dont know if they could slap that card on him so easily. Theyre supposed to be antiracism and this shit in SA would be considered racist. Just not the kind they want. Actually ya.. they would definitely say that.

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They can't fall back on their "ACKTCHUALLY.....Racism = Power + Prejudice" bullshit either. Because even by their definitions, it most definitely is racism, as the niggers have all the power in SA, and they hate the Boers.

Oh, and their "Deyz jus' takin' back wat theirs" argument fails as well, because the niggers in SA are a bunch of Bantu invaders that only came into the area once the Boers tamed and cultivated what used to be an uninhabited expanse of nothing. But you won't get anywhere pointing that out, because niggers think they magically own all of Africa because reasons. (As an aside, if niggers own all of Africa because black, then whites own all of Europe, and should be free to kick out all the niggers.)

The only silver lining in this giant shit-cloud is that if/when they do get rid of the last white farmers, SA will free-fall into being Zimbabwe 2.0, only this time they have a rocket belt propelling them toward the bottom. Once all the niggers start starving and crying for aid, the rest of the world should simply say "no", and leave them to sleep in the bed they made.

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They've been crying racism and white supremacy this whole time, how do they make this look bad to the average person lmao

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If its not the racism they want then it isnt racism or atleast up to the piont where they start telling half truths about history till they can spin the killings and landgrab as just.

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CNN will report this tweet as racist. and tell us we must ignore and allow genocide and illegal land seizures. CNN will continue showing its true colours.

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They're actually claiming that farm murders are at a twenty year low now and, of course, are going back on the tried and true "racist" slur. Hey, at least they now acknowledge that farm murders happen. Maybe Trump is playing some of that 4D backgammon.

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Since the Rothschilds are trying to commit genocide against the Boers. And who owns the Fed?

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Time to end niggers.

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A kike with no niggers is like a nigger with no arms or legs. It can't hurt you.

Let the Jews live to see their weapons torn from them like wings off a fly.

Gas the groids.

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Time to end niggers.

Niggers would be harmless farm animals without leftists.

Time to end leftism.

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The way to do that with cryptocurrencies but Jews and Christian Cucks will claim it's not somehow. Don't talk about the exchanges Jews...that's not crypto and not how you move it.

Cryptocurrencies are just decentralized money secured with cryptography--same kind of thing that keeps your login to your bank safe. Only the best are fixed in units so the jews can't keep printing more to buy up all the whites stuff.

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those fucking top comments man, mixture of "but puerto rico and flint water" with some "they are just dindu nuthins that are fighting white supremacy" and "he's endorsing the white genocide myth omg"

Good on Trump to say something about this

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of course those are the top comments, all of the other comments are shadowbanned

[–] thedayismine 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

or just straight up banned. I got banned for my replies to those idiots, the worst word I ever used was "idiot"

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Don't worry they will keep calling the white genocide a myth even when told the reason why they their family neighbours and friends have a noose around their neck is for being white.

And the real white genocide is way more sneaky promoted by race mixi g and pop culture.

Maybe we should meme it the other way "blacks mixing with whites robs them of their culture"

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I knew he would. I have friends there and they are getting desperate. They're on facebook posting the latest SA news almost every day. Great news.

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Do they have any ideas to get out that require outside help?

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If you are a farmer, it is IMPOSSIBLE to sell your farm today. So those people want to stay and fight, I would imagine.

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Think harder, look for avenues to get in to help.

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Fake news are gonna wet themselves reporting this, inadvertently red-pilling based Americans that didn't know these events have been building up in SA for a long time. The realization that the MSM has avoided reporting this will discredit them even further. 13D CHESS, or whatever dimension President Trump is on now.

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They will just do what they always do and report it in such a way that the farmers seem like criminals and the nogs seem righteous. And their idiot viewers will eat it up like they always have.

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They will probably straight up say that the farmers killed the previous nigger farmers for the land

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Hell yeah! Let the boers immigrate to the US. We could make these "migrants" build our wall on the southern border

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Seems many Boers are willing to fight to the death for their land and I don’t blame them. I would hardly want to just give up my home to a horde of niggers either.

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At the very least Trump can start supplying them with tow missles, rpgs, and small arms we give that out to sand niggers like candy.

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It is outsiders that want them to flee. They want people to help them fight, instead. Easier to defend, than retreat and re-conquer.

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I'd kill as many filthy niggers as possible and then make the land useless so the niggers all starve. Not that ruining the soil is even necessary because I'm sure the niggers would starve within 20 years anyway, but ruining the land speeds up starving niggers, so I'm all for it.

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