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Listen to how well this man speaks and then compare that to black rappers.

This is why I try not to hate on skin colour and focus on hating skin culture.

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I'm as white and conservative as they come but I would totally hang out with this guy.

"Happy MLK Day". Fucking cringe.

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Thank fuck someone gets it

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my based nigger!

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Dem Teeth

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I like his teeth, I always had a thing for a gap since Vanessa Paradis.

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Drop that based, muh nigga. Huehuehue. *pats himself on the back, for proving he's not racist for the day*.

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Liberals are da real rayciz! They think they combat liberals by using this strategy, but they are still unwittingly using the enemy's terminology, playing by their rules and using the thought framework created by the communists. You can never win if you play by the enemy's rules.

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Didn't get that from the video sorry.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=dKAFup7q8Sk :

Liberals are the most racist people on earth. - YouTube

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