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@9-11, thoughts?

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Giving by Love =/= Taking by force

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Put a bullet in your brain. You expect people to believe this, moishe?

Christ wasn’t a socialist. He was a religious radical. He advocated charity by the individual. He did not want a complex temporal power structure established to tax people at gunpoint to subsidize poverty. Santa Claus, likewise, rewards virtue with toys and evil with coal. If anything, what he represents is a purely capitalistic idea–regardless of background, race, creed, etc., by virtuous and diligent behavior one will be rewarded materially. Whereas slothfulness and evil reaps nothing of value. A Wonderful Life is about valuing family, not about establishing a top-down economy. A Christmas Carol isn’t about a capitalist who turns into a socialist. It’s about a capitalist who overcomes the bitterness of his childhood and learns to value his family and his friendships more than his business. He doesn’t stop being a capitalist; he still solves all of his problems with money. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is about a terrorist who realizes that his diagnosis of capitalist society as being corrupt and materialistic was wrong. He realizes that though the society acknowledges capitalistic values, it also has a spiritual core independent of that system. His realization that the two can exist in harmony allows him to come to terms with his own bitterness and join society, rather than living like a hermit up in the mountains. Charlie Brown, ironically, is the only story with any socialist values at all, and they’re negative. Charlie Brown used everyone’s money to make a terrible economic decision and invest in a bad tree that didn’t fulfill its intended function. The people were then forced to band together to make the best out of this smoking ruin on their own initiative. In essence, A Charlie Brown Christmas is about a government using the people’s money poorly, and then the public sector having to make the best of it with their own innovation.

What Marx


was to extrapolate

Was to rewrite Talmudic judaism as a secular religion, as he himself admitted.

Communism is an ideology like christianism, and like any ideology is made up bullshit.

All ideologies are bullshit, huh? What about objectivism? So 2+2 doesn’t equal 4?

First the jews destroyed Rome with christian bullshit

Yeah, get fucked. No one is going to believe you now.

after the jews destroyed Russia with almost the same bullshit.

Yeah, the jews–who slaughtered 60,000,000 Russian Christians BECAUSE THEY WERE CHRISTIAN–totally support Christianity. Sure thing.

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Pretty spot on about the ludicrous proposition that Communism is based on Christianity. I like the Grinch who stole Christmas analysis too ! Pretty good !

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People have been living in communes since the dawn of time. Communism works in small groups.

Most of your ramblings are so short sighted that they are laughable. I remember thinking like this when I was around 12-15 years old.

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If you could get paid for being retarded, you would be able to stop worrying about paying rent vs. paying to suck another dick tonight

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Communism is based on communes, which are older than Christianity or any recorded religion. They got fucked by neighboring big dicks, and you cant really compare modern commune-thinking to grunt-rock era thematics.

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Communism comes from judaism and is based on the suppression of all other faiths in the state with the exception of judaism.

All I can see is that you are a shill, I have been watching your different posts and how you express your utter nonsense and ignorance.

Charity is not communist. Big difference relies on the fact that you do give willingly not forced by the state.

Begone with your false doctrines and deceptions you fool jew in the letter's stooge.

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Communism is Atheistic so ummm, you know , there's that.

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The Viking age was nothing more than our ancestors fighting off a desert cult religion that sought to take over vast parts of the world.

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Right, the Vikings were just minding their own business when all these Christian started arriving in their lands by sea and just slaughtered, raped and pillaged their way across Viking homelands, no wait.

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Charlemagne chopped off numerous 'holy' trees of the Saxons when he went to war against them, including their 'holy' Irminsul. Shortly after the Viking Age kicks off.

Pagan Europeans had been slaughtered or force-converted for a long ass time until the Nordic tribes finally had enough, stopped their in-fighting and united as one, destroying anything related to christianity in their own territory. This caused massive civil unrest in their homelands, and many people who had already converted fleed their homelands and settled somewhere else. This is why you see a big contrast regarding pillaging and killing of christians, and peaceful settlement under new (christian) rulers. They weren't always exactly the same people. Well, people from the same tribes but with very different motives behind their travels.

Some areas were conquered and used as traveling or trade stations by pagans for war-like purposes.

The province I was born in was one of the last tribes to submit to their desert cult, and much of it has been passed down from generation to generation. I don't give two shits about what your history books or google teach you, they also teach you 666 gorrilion jews were gassed. I'd rather believe the words of my forefathers.

Edit: some spelling errors because I suck at english.