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And no American MSM source (including Fox) is even fucking reporting on this ... shocking.

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Dude, Tucker on the reg talks about S.Africa

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Tucker talks about a lot of things that their other programming won't touch

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I stand corrected; I don't watch news on TV. I just Googled 'South African Farmers' and it didn't come up with much at all aside from the British news sources.

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...so Tucker is msm's alex jones, in the sense that he redpills libshits?

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I already predicted that they won't mention it until THE DAY WHITES FIGHT BACK. It which point they will paint it as 'vile racism', of course, and aggressive action by the white farmers who are in denial that "their time is up, the cry babies".

Apparently there is no fable about killing the goose that laid the golden eggs in Africa!

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The first people we should fight are the ones reporting the twist of truth.

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That is from March.

In addition, Sky News Australia reported that white South Africans are being murdered at a rate of more than one per week, according to News Corp Australia chief Paul Toohey, who travelled to South Africa to investigate.

I love how they just brush over that and move on. "In addition it seems they are gassing the Jews, how's that local sports team doing though Chuck?

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Considering that whites fighting for the right to even exist is "Nazism", no it's really not shocking any more

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Sorry SJWs. You can't pretend white genocide "isn't a thing" when western (((politicians))) endorse the open slaughter of whites in South Africa. It's time to make every commie pick a side and call them out for it.

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This will never pop up on their Facebook's, Google's or whatever the fuck a Pinterest is so they'll never know two shits about it. We're fucked.

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Then go tell them.

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even got king nigger in there holy shit.

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Well, he was just in South Africa a few weeks back, and didn't mention a peep about white farmers and their plight. Basically just snuck some digs at Trump in, and said "Carry on, comrades!"

Without a touch of irony, Obama said: "authoritarian governments have been shown time and time again to breed corruption, because they're not accountable; to repress their people; to lose touch eventually with reality; to engage in bigger and bigger lies that ultimately result in economic and political and cultural and scientific stagnation. Look at history. Look at the facts.

The fact that countries which rely on rabid nationalism and xenophobia and doctrines of tribal, racial or religious superiority as their main organizing principle, the thing that holds people together – eventually those countries find themselves consumed by civil war or external war. "

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lol, that statement could apply to south africa right now

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I think we all know that China wants the Africans starving and subdued so they can take over the farmland. I have no sources. Just common sense.

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And why not, we've (the West) enabled China for the last 30+ years.

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Fun fact: China backed Mugabe during the Rhodesian Bush War.

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Yep. This. But their hand in this means we take out the Chinks after we take out the Bantus. We could even sell it to the bleeding hearts as whitey seizing Africa and China means we can actually clean those shitholes up. Restore wilderness and biodiversity and make proper use of fertile lands. If they're serious about Earth-First policies and depopulation, they'll have to go along with it. Whites are the caretaker race.

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in a year when theyre starving obama will blame whites

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Niggers must go extinct.

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Theresa May, married to a crony of the wealth stealers is all for the slaughter of whites in South Africa. As a matter of fact, ever politico in the west that - unlike May stays silent about it is.

I still think the 5 million whites should abandon ship and bring weapons and just show up in white countries.

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This is what happens when you believe that Lawyers and law books are going to save you. They won't!

The whites of South Africa should have armed up 5 years ago established a militia force (no fake militia either) and then when the land seizures started they should have instituted a scorched earth policy. They need to blow up every pumping station, power plant, substation, dam, canal, overpass, rail station and junction, gas station. Stop every thing that moves.

Then Target plants, facilities and personnel of trans national corporations. Make it clear to the international bankers, there is no money to be made in South Africa.Then start hitting black town ships leaving nothing alive, no men, no Women, no children, no sheep, no goats, no cows, no nothing. Make it very clear to the government in Pretoria that when they are done, There may be not be any whites left but there won't be any thing or anybody else either.

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