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But Obomo's were "temporary and largely the result of the Great Recession".

What fucking BULLSHIT would this be. That Nog ran up $12 fucking trillion over 8 years...but ALL of it was not "permanent", and was due to something else, namely Bush's Great Recession? Really?

No. It's the fucking overwhelming spending on shit like Obamacare that gave us THOSE deficits. Not some "changes in federal spending and revenues"...that they attribute to Trump.

How stupid do they think people are? (Yeah, yeah. I know. Pretty stupid).


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Someone that didnt look at the difference in mandatory and non mandatory spending.


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Where the article doesn't show a difference is in the increase in revenue based on growth. The assumptions that we wouldn't get past 3% limits how much revenue the economy can actually bring in. The country does well, taxes are increased, not decreased.

Obama's emergency spending to "control the Great Recession" included earmarks for a number of items that were unnecessary, skyrocketing the cost. Solyndra is a good example.

It says Congress didn't consider a budget, like it was a bad thing, but Harry Reid didn't bring one to the floor for how many years?

The spending was just non-mandatory, but it didn't stop it from being spent.


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Somebody still hasn't figured out how to not be an obvious try hard fail troll.


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So, this has nothing to do with the 3 previous administrations?


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Of course it did. I'm making a point of what happened the last 8 years with the deficits to today's.

And the media's reaction to it. That's what I'm focusing on.


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https://archive.fo/a4rOi :

Trump's trillion-dollar-plus deficits put America on path to fiscal ruin

'The budget policymakers on Capitol Hill and in the Trump White House obviously aren’t focusing on much beyond 2018 and 2020. '

'The White House was actually refusing to comment on three key issues. '

'Unlike the trillion-dollar budget deficits that occurred during the Obama administration that were temporary and largely the result of the Great Recession, the Trump deficits that will soon reach and exceed $1 trillion are permanent and will only get worse in the years ahead. '

'For example, the White House last week proposed a new Space Force that would likely add billions, if not hundreds of billions, to the Pentagon’s budget. '

'It happened when the U.S. Treasury, the official keeper of Washington’s financial results, issued its monthly statement for the first 10 months of fiscal 2018 about federal revenues and spending and, therefore, the budget deficit. '

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