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Sounds like you went to one of those Midwestern money-scheme churches aimed at fatties semi-conscious in milkshake-induced sedation.

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I would say it is run more like a Mosque.

Sounds like you went to a cult get together and not a church. My experiences are not anywhere close to what you go on about.

Not all churches are alike and from what I have read you seem to be pointing out Catholics more than anything.

Yes, I consider Catholics part of a cult. Who in there right minds keeps going back to a place where they rape little kids. Come on folks, people should have walked away from the Catholic Church the first time this was revealed to be true.

EDIT: OP I would love to hear the spin on this: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/aug/15/catholic-church-used-children-fathered-priests-sil/

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I don't think all churches are alike. I never said that. You could take anything organized where there cultural similarities and say "that's a cult.!" That all depends on the eye of the beholder. No one at the church I went to as a kid was telling us to go out and kill anyone or asking us to drink any koo-laid. It wasn't like trying to leave Scientology. It wasn't a Catholic Church. It is common, very common for Churches to go on and on about the rapture and provide breads and circuses. It is also common for them to repeat the same lines over and over and to not allow any questioning. Not all churches are like that but most are. The news has not always been like this, not even in my life time. Now it is.

The pedophilia in the Catholic church is common in almost all large, organized religions. It is common in a lot, but not all of any type of occult societies. It is common in almost all governments at higher levels. It is common in UN organizations and it is certainly common in Hollywood. There are layers to the onion. Most Catholics had no idea what was going on. In any powerful organization, the upper echelon wield a great deal of power. There is also a great deal of secrecy. Not always but usually the people in those positions of power use their influence to do whatever they'd like. Things like murders, pedophilia, etc are used as a system of mutual blackmail as well. That's how that world often works sadly. The wheel is always gonna be round.

So while you may not understand why anyone would still be Catholic, for many people, like poor Mexicans, their experiences with the Catholic Church is a total 180 compared to what you and I are talking about. It's the place that kept their families together, gave them food, gave them clothes, helping them through hard times, etc. etc. Understandably, people are going to judge an organization first and foremost based on their own experiences with it.

I don't want to be a Catholic or belong to any church but I am not so hasty to judge those that do. While there are a lot of people in the Catholic Church that protected and still protect pedophile priests, there were a lot that did the opposite. To me, a Unitarian Church is more extreme than what most would consider a Christian Church. I have seen Unitarian churches that promote the LBGT agenda, do not promote reproduction, do not promote families staying together and actually support polygamy in some forms. A religion is supposed to be a guide to survival, personal survival, family survival and the survival of a people. The Unitarian Churches I've seen( and I know it's not all of them) but they don't even pass that first, basic litmus test. They actually counter the basic survival instincts you would find in an amoeba for example. I consider that more extreme than even a Sharia Law Mosque.

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So while you may be telling people to not go to the Catholic church, for many people, like poor Mexicans, their experiences with the Catholic Church is a total 180 compared to what you and I are talking about. It's the place that kept their families together, gave them food, gave them clothes, helping them through hard times, etc. etc.

Yeah All they had to do was let their kids be raped by priests. You are making excuses for people who despite the clear and vast evidence decided to continue to be part of an organization that fucks babies and kids.

The good doesn't outway the bad mate. You are trying to make that argument here.

Also, are you talking about helping poor Mexican's in the US or in Mexico? I really would like an answer to this.

You've never been to a mosque or know what goes on in them or you wouldn't have written your last sentence.

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The Catholic Church is not simply the organization. It is the people, too. The corruption in its structures is a matter of course. Of course a massive organization with a massive audience will be preyed upon by unscrupulous people for their own personal gain. Of course the worst in our society will seek cover in its ranks. Of course Satan would seek to tear down God's church with relentless attacks and infiltration.

But that doesn't mean you should turn your back on Jesus Christ's holy church. Some pedophile who sought out the title of "priest" so that he could get alone with children does not deter me from my faith. That pedophile, who does not believe in Christ, is not the Church. The shapeshifter who connived his way into the seat of the Pope, in order to advocate communism from the heart of its greatest enemy - he is not the church. Neither is the megalomaniac who starts his own church because he is butthurt that the Catholic clergy doesn't give him the prestige or consider his ideas as much as he thinks is deserved. The Church is the faith and the faithful. The church is the Lord and his followers. To shatter the faith and scatter the faithful, that is, to create and/or to join a counterfeit church, is to play into the hands of those who want nothing more than an end to the worship of Christ. The Catholic Church is the only church, and to turn your back on it because of what boils down to the simple existence of Satan, is petty and foolhardy. If you expect godliness from mortals, you have sown the seed for your own disappointment. If you truly believed, you wouldn't turn your back on the church. You would work to repair and maintain it. But if you are just seeking the feeling of moral superiority, then sure, go join a local Jesus club, sing crappy music and pretend it's good, and gossip about your neighbors.