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I condemn anything Democrats do out of hand,

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Well now I'm conflicted.

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Its simple, you have to either choose the jews who openly aspouse their love for their satanic rogue state homeland and outwardly lobby for its evil intrests or back the jews who claim to dislike and feel shame towards it but covertly push for its long term intrests and pursue no real agenda against it other than some stiff but empty rhetoric. Back the good jew so if they win, you win, (((they))) win, everyone wins, even the bad jew you heroically helped beat, because they still get billions of dollars and a safe haven in the middle easts little hades.

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Maybe I'll take flak from saying this on Voat but I really wish we could ally with the Jews.

If they side with us against the left and agree with us on closed borders then I really don't have a problem with them. Yes they have the nepotism thing going but I'm not that bothered by it.

I'm bothered by rapefugees causing violent crimes and terrorism and mass immigration driving down wages across society while eroding our rights and raising taxes as a result of immigrant voting patterns. Jews, just on their own, would be exceedingly easy to just get along with.

It seems like this exactly what Trump is doing. Taking the side of the Jews while pulling them away from the left. I really hope the Jewish community at large decides that American nationalism is better for Jews than globalist insanity.

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Yes, good goy back the good jew to beat the bad jew, making sure no jew answers for their crimes, and instead making them more powerful to defeat the problems they created is always the answer.

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Trump is a jew poodle and he will do whatever netanyaoo and his jew benefactors tell him too. Trump has more jews in his staff than any other president ever.

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Christ cucks here would rather die than join liberals in the fight against jews. It is shown daily what kind of cucks republicucks are. All tough in the internet though.

Continue to blame the muslims christ cucks. The jews will start another world war and more whites will die.

Just goes to show you, christ cucks here who worship jews are just as bad as the muslims they denigrate on the regular. Even jews don’t denigrate islam like kike worshipping christ cucks do.

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Liberals are fighting to hasten white and christian genocide, over all the clinton and obama years there was a hell of a lot of support for israel, no one actually believes (((your))) shit, shill. Also christans worhiping jews is a jew fantasy, just like their fantsy about being gods chosen, they will probably all go to hell when they die.

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“hasten white and christian genocide”

If it gets rid of you morons who infest voat...how is that a bad thing?