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By exempting people with dependents they're just encouraging them to breed.

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Europeans don't have the balls to kill their inferior genetic stock, even by perfectly fair ancap rules.

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How, in any way, is killing fair and not against the non-aggression principle for ancaps?

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Exactly this and this is exactly what those who are really in charge want to do.

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It takes a partner and months to produce a viable welfare ticket. If a person without dependents already needs assistance it's doubtful they have the resources or desire to produce said welfare ticket.

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Except all the high school low lifes will see what happens and make sure to pop one out before graduation to be able to avoid working.

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Most of them are Somalian Muslims. How's that going to work out?

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They're gonna start rampaging.

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Any sizeable Korean population there?

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Let's not pretend they don't have dependents. They all have like 8 kids

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That's covers the women and the men that suck off the welfare they get. Single, able-bodied men with no children get assistance too.

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Seriously, how is it going to work out; most of them are unemployable. Can they be trained to pick fruit or something?

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They get no food assistance then, it's their problem

Now if they want to chimpout over this and make their problem everyone else's problem, then they should be met with state sponsored hyper violence, but I won't hold my breath on this one

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You want them touching your food??

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Rob, murder, sell drugs.

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But the wise latinas!!1!

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I'm over there quite a bit for work, and have to say of all the various and numerous nigger types, the Somali nigger is poorly represented so far. Sudanese niggers, Arabic niggers, Bosnian niggers, mexi-niggers, and many many plantation-bred southern niggers thanks to the great migration.

Oh yeah, tons of white junky niggers too. That state is pretty fucked tbh.

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You may be right about the Sudanese being more prevalent than the Somalis but you would actually have to get up quite close and personal to see the difference.

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Well then. Now 67,000 able-bodied Michiganders will starve. Heh.

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We can only hope.

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To be honest, I'm more against giving people money for having kids. If you have kids, you should get a set amount but you shouldn't be rewarded for having kids while being poor.

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If you have kids, you should get a set amount

Why? Why does having children entitle you to some of my money? Having children isn't supposed to be profitable at the expense of people like myself and yourself.

People wouldn't reproduce so recklessly if they knew there wasn't a safety net of guilty White people's money that will always be there, no matter how dumb their decisions are, to save their asses.

The only financial incentive that there should be for having children is "When they grow up and reach age 18, they can start making money and eventually take care of me when I'm too old to work or care for myself." It's a long, long term investment that shouldn't pay off for at least 3 decades. As it is now, you can find interviews with little sheboon girls being asked what they're going to do when they grow up for money, and they reply with "Ima have a babeh and get dem programs!" If those programs didn't exist....

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I know a young, single, white female with an 8 year old MONSTER son. She currently lives in her parent's basement (of course), and she collects all kinds of assistance. With her food assistance she buys the latest electronics and whatever toys the monster demands. They are not starving. She refuses to work extra hours at her part-time job as she would lose some of her benefits. So yeah, having children is profitable at the expense of others.

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I said as in, $100-200 a month, and that's it. You have seven kids, you have to use that much to feed them. Not get money for each one.

The military wants poor kids to eat well because they don't want to lose future recruits to health problems. That's the main reason this funding remains in place.

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hopefully there are well paying jobs raining from the heavens for them.

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The best thing about this is that it reminds them that they are receiving charity and that no self-respecting human will take charity from anyone. Nobody is entitled to a handout paid for by other people's money.

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That would be true if these people were indeed self-respecting. I fear they are not and what we see as charity they see as an entitlement. Most likely they will not accept this gracefully.

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That would be good, but how many of those people are black?

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There are plenty of jobs for you at the bottom of the Marianas Trench!

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Michigan is infested with foreign muslims who need to be removed by force

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Yeah, in Dearborn, exclusively. As a Michigan Resident, I keep an eye on this shit. Last time I was in Kabu- I mean, Dearborn, they actually had an ISIS flag flying in town square for a day. Then there was a riot. Nice place.

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Have you ever heard of Detroit?

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I don't think you understand what I'm saying.

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