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I used to rely on Snopes but once they started with the 'mostly' false and true bullshit it was pretty clear they had an agenda.

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I used to rely on Snopes to tell me about the latest scam chain emails back in like 1998. Nowadays I wouldn't even trust them to do that.

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Nowadays I wouldn't even trust them to do jew that

I mean, I thought it was common knowledge snopes was made by a jewish couple.

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Publications always have an agenda. It's to make money.

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There are a lotof bullshit 'news' sites that sprung up almost overnight. They keep getting spammed here on voat too. Their modus operandi is to take a real happening and report on it sprinkling a bunch of bullshit too. 4 sure these sites are the faggot deep state's doing, since to keep upthe credibility of their msm dinosaurs, they pushed the fake news narrative to all the brainwashed morons still watching cable news. Now the deep state is secretly funding all these online fake news sites, as a way to make their bull shit claim 'true'.

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thanks for sharing

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it really illustrates how morally bankrupt and degenerate these "people" are that they will even cover up a story about child abduction to protect (((The Narrative))).

We're going to need a lot of rope, folks.

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Don't forget, you can reuse rope!

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Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Two out of three!

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We're dealing with 500 lb SJW's dude.

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The rope is so old fashioned! We need powerful drones and paracord lol

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You think that's good.

When Hillary had a melt down at NBC and said "if he wins he'll have us all swinging from nooses" they added shit in that she said he was a "fascist fuck" and she threw a glass of water and then proceeded to prove their own false statements false.

The fucks even stated the event seemed to be based in truth.

The left are so fucking ignorant they think they can just make shit up and everyone will believe them forever.

They actually couldn't make Trump 2020 happen any better if they were paid to do it.

Source: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/hillary-clinton-threw-a-tantrum-with-matt-lauer/

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Rumors that Clinton threw a “tantrum” after NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum started with a fictitious quote, and that narrative was later expanded with more fake quotes from other anonymous sources. Meanwhile, no actual evidence has surfaced to prove that any of these events actually transpired.

Basically like all MSM and the whole witch hunt against Trump huh? Anonymous sources familiar with the thinking of anonymous sources and no real evidence.

Where's the snopes article on Russians "hacking" the election by RT.com posting ads to Twitter? Shouldn't snopes have ten pages explaining that making twitter ads and facebook groups is not the same has literally hacking a computer system?

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Snopes is Jewer than the Southern Poverty Law Center. As Jew as the BBC or Wikipedia.

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That dirty rotten snatch is still an upgrade.

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Hmm, maybe the cat, because aren't liberals small minded pussies?

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Could be, could be....

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What's truly impressive is they often create the memes they discredit by editing existing ones and adding stuff that's factually incorrect.

Is Jared the Subway guy molesting kids and having orgies w/ aliens on mars?

Mostly false. Jared doesn't know any aliens and has never been to mars...

They do it much less conspicuously of course when they discredit memes they themselves create. I.E that's not her real mother etc.

It's almost like they know people are too stupid to read past a headline

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Snopes essentially uses straw man arguments they can claim are "mostly false"

They take a legitimate claim or issue people are talking about, then exaggerate the hell out of it, so they can "disprove" the exaggerated claim that nobody was making in the first place.

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"the implication that ... much less an epidemic ...."

the original article doesn't say epidemic AT ALL. the snopes jews just imagined an implication then pretended like they disproved it.

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WHY do people STILL question this bag of shit?

Snopes has been debunked a hundred times over. It's a non-entity, it's like questioning the integrity of hillary bat-shit clinton's integrity. She's a fucking demon, everyone knows it. Snopes is shit, everyone knows it. Don't use it, and if anyone quotes it, hit them over the head with a park bench because they're idiots.

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