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Got some monuments to remove?


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https://archive.fo/xNMVd :

Donald Trump's Military Parade Cancelled Because It's Too Expensive, Costs $92 Million

'Sometime on Wednesday night, this person—or persons—got in touch with Amanda Macias of CNBC, and this is what Macias was told. '

'Somewhere in that five-sided mystery cabinet along the Potomac is a genuine American hero. '

'Then the real price of the impending wank-a-thon was leaked and, within an hour, the White House had yet another PR catastrophe on its hands. '

' A grateful nation sends its thanks. ', "We may never know this person's name, but this person did the country a great service, in addition to making El Caudillo Del Mar-A-Lago an occasion for further mockery, which is always a worthwhile patriotic endeavor."

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