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Reminder that Chuck Dixon wrote the single best comic of all time after an amazing start by Larry Hama.

If you pick up Trump's Space Force, pick up some of Dixon's earliest books. He's amazing.

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Let me guess....there will be hella based negros in Trump's space force....

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That "undeserved right wing audience" is a fucking gold mine waiting to be tapped.

Once people start cashing in, it'll be a new golden age of content that will make today's garbage a complete laughingstock.

The pendulum won't just swing back to the right. It'll do counterclockwise loops at dizzying speeds for decades and decades.

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They're not underserved, they're pulling away. There is plenty of co tent for conservatives, but you asshats never open your wallets.

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EVS just raised over half a million for one single issue of his Cyberfrog comic. Which puts it at #1 when compared to tbe MSM comics. And #2 for units sold.

Turns out people like entertainment that is just good old fashioned fun and not preachy about politics or feminism.

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Just as cringey as the Obama comics.

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Nah. "Boldly going where no man has gone before" sounds better when it's "man on the moon" rather than "man in the woman's bathroom".

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There were obama comics?! They must have been SO awesome. I wonder when the movie about them comes out, with, hmm... a vietnamese girl playing the part of obama?

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Gateway pundit has zionist heebs working for it

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I don't like that art style.

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To bring you up to date. DC comics are now $5 for 22 pages.

The $25 tier has the 48-Page book signed by the Author and a patch. It's not cheap, but it's not as bad as you might think at first glance.

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What is this faggot shit?