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We were led to believe Hollywood people were victimized by him. The fake media has always been the enemy of the people.


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The truth is, many people were victimized. But they were victimized by the communists who were steering the investigation. McCarthy went where the evidence pointed. The communists were dishonestly pointing the evidence. McCarthy was surrounded by communists. That's how badly the communists had infiltrated the investigation and government in general. The reason McCarthy was discredited was because he was right. He simply failed to appreciate how bad the problem had become. The communists won.

That's what got JFK too.


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upvote for you sir. Jack Ruby was a commie Jew and he killed Oswalt because Ozie was working with the Feds. They were all connected to Nixon somehow. Nixon who had connections with the Chicago mob and Jewish Bolsheviks. Bush also benefited from JFK's death and got head of the CIA. Nixon later became prez after he gained more clout. Bush maintained his role until forcing Reagan to relent and be VP, then tried to kill Reagan... It's a never ending shit show and all stems from weird connections to Bolsheviks.


[–] 13570824? 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

The Stefan Molneux video about this is a must-watch. McCarthy actually went to great lengths to protect the identities of those being investigated. After he was kicked out it became the ridiculous witch-hunt everyone incorrectly associates with his name.


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McCarthy was also known to like the bottle. They used that against him. But he was actually a functional drinker.

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