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I wish more people understood the implications here and the inequity of justice. If I was to forward classified emails, fuck classified, If I was to forward unclassified emails containing training information to my personal email, not only would I lose my clearance, I would also recieve UCMJ punishment, likely field grade. If it was classified information, just one piece, CID would be investigating my motives, my security clearance would be revoked with no chance of getting it reinstated and I would probably be recieve a courts martial, at the VERY LEAST, I would be involuntarily separated. If the information went ANYWHERE else besides my Email id be looking at Brig time for negligence, if that information got anybody killed, or exposed, I would be charged with that as well. One more bit, if they could prove conspiracy or treason/espionage depending on the circumstance, I could even face execution.

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Rules for thee and rules for me. Nah nah nah-nah nah.

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I tell people this all the time, they don't care.

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This fucking cunt will never go to prison, although her and her ilk deserve to be beat to a bloody pulp, if shit was gonna happen, with all the evidence they have already, it would’ve and should’ve already happened.

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Where is the slab of beef hiding these days? Nobody has the balls to find her enact justice that is long overdue?

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Has anyone on Voat put together a list of all the shenanigans of Bill's wife relating to the email scandal?

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They're too busy demotivating everyone by telling them that nothing will happen.

Were you expecting these "anti-semitic-in-username-only" accounts to contribute something constructive?

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Tick tock.

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Does it even matter at this point? She will never be charged, let alone convicted of anything.

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The only explanation that she has not bee indicted is that Trump is either incompetent or corrupt.

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Hillary is good people, she's had enough.

Uncle Don

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those guys at Judicial Watch better watch their backs...

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