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Muslims are crypto jews. It's a fake religion cover. Jews always play both sides. Muslims circumcise too... coincidence? Muslims worship a pedophile "phrophet" Mohammed (mohamet / baphomet )..muslims and jews are the same thing just pretending to be different. They all worship satan.

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Jews do not worship anything but themselves. Don’t be deceived into using (((their))) religious terminology. (Satan, Angels, demons) all 3 religions based on Jewish lore are corrupted. Christianity, Islam, Judaism.

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Well, you're wrong. Notice all you do is say some stuff without providing any evidence.

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Always gives me hope when my comments like this dont get slammed with downvoats. God bless you.

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Of course they're similar, they're both Abrahamic. And Christianity is mostly pagan, hence it's the odd one out in the Abrahamic family.