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He could not have said it better.

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The Jews aren't even Semites. It's just another one of the Jew deceptions.

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Agreed, I finally made the connection with this, conflating this with being unable to criticize niggers and faggots, irl not you all.

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My thoughts exactly.

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woke af

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Carry on, Malaysian hero.

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20 bucks says we see news stories about Malaysia being a corrupt or somehow evil nation within the next week or two.

I'm guessing something about how that missing flight was lied about by the Malaysian govmt.


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Or there will be a sudden ISIS revolution there

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Probably a good idea to avoid flying Malaysian Airlines for a while.

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That was a good idea already, but now more so.

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US is gonna find some excuse to park a carrier off their coast. maybe piracy or some other nonsense.

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Piracy is a problem there, it being a major shipping lane. Just playing devil's advocate.

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If there's one good thing I can say about Muslims, it's that they hate Jews.

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Muslims are crypto jews. It's a fake religion cover. Jews always play both sides. Muslims circumcise too... coincidence? Muslims worship a pedophile "phrophet" Mohammed (mohamet / baphomet )..muslims and jews are the same thing just pretending to be different. They all worship satan.

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Jews do not worship anything but themselves. Don’t be deceived into using (((their))) religious terminology. (Satan, Angels, demons) all 3 religions based on Jewish lore are corrupted. Christianity, Islam, Judaism.

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Of course they're similar, they're both Abrahamic. And Christianity is mostly pagan, hence it's the odd one out in the Abrahamic family.

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I only wish his name wasn't Mohamad. We need more non-muslim ( or vaguely resemblanced) figureheads making this exact same point. The general population needs to see this isn't just part of the age old jews vs muslims animosity.

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Pretty sure erik clopper named the jew and their sick practice of cutting off boys foreskins, which is an organ not just a flap of skin but the jews have been doing an excellent job of down playing this issue and keeping people from talking about it.. clopper literaly called for waf against judiasm and the practice of circumcision.. yet it is basicaly crickets nationwide.

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Considering how often you name-drop Eric Clopper, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say... you are Eric Clopper.

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I wish we could just step completely out of the way for a bit and let all of these people fight it out. Not just Jews and Muslims - pretty much every group that hates your typical WASP CIS male hates each other almost as much if not more. It's like we're playing Risk and all of the territories we've been dealt are in Asia.

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I love the phrasing on that. We can also say "Racist is a term that is invented to prevent people from criticizing blacks for doing wrong."

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Invented because of all the wrong committed by blacks.

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That term was created by Wilhelm Marr and he was mad that Jews did not support the revolution of 1848.

In fact the organization he founded was called 'the league of anti-semites'. Sounds like a DC comics villain. Lol.

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Sounds meme-worthy.

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“The Jews are not merely hook-nosed, but understand money instinctively.” Lmao he’s not wrong.

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That one gave me a hearty laugh. My based Malay!

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The Jewish ability to control.money as they do may indicaten evolutionary advantage where Jews have an incredible ability to consider the future. Perhaps they are weak and lack ingenuity, but if you can think ten steps ahead of every other tribe, you're gonna be in a good spot.

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It’s not genetic. Ashkenazi Jews are white Southern Meds.

Link related: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2011/01/visualizing-west-eurasia/#.W3XKaFNOmEc

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