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It's interesting because in most conversations, "see things in black and white" is an insult. But I, too, will admit that I only started to see the world clearly after I discovered you assholes.

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Kikes did 9/11

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Clearly, huh? Might want to proofread.

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Thanks, buddy. Fixed.

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Any adult with a modicum of critical thinking ability knows what is happening in thier hearts, but choose to ignore and disconnect. The cognitive dissonance from bursting the illusionary bubble is deemed too painful to endure.

To;Dr: Red pill hurts

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It is a pity that all the red pill suppositories are all cube shaped some rounded corners would help make then easier to accept, oh well at least we can try making them bigger!

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I see you are a man of culture as well.

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Part of the reason for that is you start to see the source of problems and the long term effects of things happening now. You don't have to trim the branches if you pull out the roots.

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Good metaphor.

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I think non evil leftists that is the useful idiots of the left strongly tend to allow for things to go into the memory hole.

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For me it's been after even before, ever since I was 7 and some nigger girl wanted go out with me, I felt it was wrong because she was a nigger and said no.

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wtf does this even mean

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Political issues that’s were once grey and ambiguous become black and white. An allusion to finding an ideology or set of ideologies that clearly distinguish the right or wrong sides to an issue, rather than ambialguity.

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Honestly not surprised that you wouldn't get it.

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You realize that black and white are different and see it everywhere.

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OP could be a minimalist artist.

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That's actually a very brilliant simplification.

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Yeah... very frustrating when the deceptions and optical illusions are peeled away and everything you think used to have so much nuance and intricacy resolves into yet more JEWISH TRICKS.

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