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It would not help the conservative cause if Trump's impact was neutered. I really doubt Trump wants to give up his most effective tool right now to switch to a platform that greater than probably 95% of Americans have never even heard of.

I think your heart is in the right place (big tech censorship of opposing viewpoints is one of biggest issues out there) but I think he can help the right's cause more by using his megaphone to bring attention to censorship.

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that's ridiculous - trump is on a censorship rife platform and doing nothing about it. if he is really here for the people he needs to move to independent media and platforms that promote this kind of network....don't hold your breath on that happening. mother fucker is there for corporate interests and not ours, don't be fooled

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He also mirror-posts to Gab a lot. But many of the posters here are right...Twitter is currently the only way for his team to jerk the reins of the msm/globalists, right in front of their leftist audience. Down the road, as the past couple of days have particularly shown, it will read like a real-time unveiling of the attempted soft coup of America.

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Literally everyone in the world knows about the censorship. Stop trying to bring attention to the sinking ship you are on, and get in the fucking life raft.

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Maybe there should be like a government twitter type software. Trump uses a black berry thing, and it gets posted to the whitehouse website.

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There is a subverse for Minds, but to young / only me :'(


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It isn't the "conservative cause" as much as the anti-communist, anti-establishment, or anti-legacy-media

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or don't use social media at all? They have a tendency to create echo chambers. This alternative is creating competing echo chambers. One where democrats and commies can force feed one another false information with zero debate resulting in further hatred of the opposition, and the other where Republicans and right-wingers can do the same. Should the internet divide...socially, it would only further the coming civil war because both sides will become radicalized enough to hate one another over lies.

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If you actually want to reach Drumpf you need to be on CNN or MSNBC or in the NYTimes or Washington Post -- any of the places he says he never sees and yet comments about them regularly.

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Is it all considered free, or is it encumbered by some copyright or something. Probably wouldn't be the worst thing for someone to mirror his posts to the correct places. Same thing with whitehouse conferences.

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Minds is too complicated. I tried twice to use it. No good. Needs a huge revamp.

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What was complicated about it? When was the last time you used it?

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About 4-5 months ago. Maybe It was not the Facebook killer everyone was telling me it was. All of my friends and family will follow me off of Facebook if some service will just implement a timeline and photo albums. Blogs, money making pushed everywhere, advertisements for users I have no interest in. Should I check in again for a simpler experience?

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