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I honestly hope he was a "C" student that quit college.

And here's another observation I'll make, and I'll give it to you free of charge:

A swaggering fool is far easier for me to enjoy as POTUS than a shifty milquetoast bank employee lapdog.

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He's in a class by himself.

Fact Checker : TRUE

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And we still know nothing of his "transparent and scandal-free" predecessor's academic performance at Harvard.

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Let me guess, he purposefully said this, knowing he would be shown to be wrong, in order to divert attention from something else that's more important but less salacious to the mouth-breathers at home.

What story is being buried with this?

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I so t this k he is that smart, it's simply the actions of a compulsive liar.

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The lie detector test determined that was a lie.