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There is no election fraud. Ask any democrat.

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except with Trump, its only election fraud if they lose

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so Hillary and the demonrats had 2.8 million more votes... who wants to bet that those 2.8 voted democrat. at the very least. im sure its 3.49 million though.

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Funny, wasn't that "muh popular vote"?

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This is why Dims want to get rid of the Electoral College.

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CONGRATULATIONS! You just Broke the Codebooks.

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Why Trump hasn’t made this an issue is beyond me, but I give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s waiting for the right time

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He has. That's why he pushes voter ID and has the doj investigating voter roles

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Why Trump hasn’t made this an issue is beyond me

Because he’s a zionist shill that does everything jews tell him to do.

I give him the benefit of the doubt

And that’s why the last 100 years of American history has happened.

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And they still needed to bring busloads of niggers and have them vote multiple times...

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Now consider how many live adults are not registered - MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD.

ID + Paper Ballot... it's time.

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Voter rolls should be purged every two years.

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There needs to be a law at the federal level that all voter rolls are purged every 2 years. At the very least it'll make the goons have to work harder and spend more to fix elections.

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I'm sure at least half of that 3.5 million is just people who moved and registered at their new location without canceling their old registration. Even so, that would leave twice as many people as would've been needed to swing many of the last few elections.

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I'm sure that at least half those people voted for $hillary in both those locations -- and probably a third one -- as well.

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