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how do people not know she is Jewish still?

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if Trump can't even stop jews from fucking his own daughter, how is he going to stop them from fucking the country?

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He's not, this is a Pyrrhic victory.

He's planning on going down with the ship, because he's planning on taking the ship down with him.

Only the rats aren't gonna be able to jump over board, because when the 'good ship' america sinks, so does the rest of the world.

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Trump is establishment. You all got played.

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Not only that but she converted to it just to appease her kike husband. Every decision she has had a say in has pushed Trump to the left; she knows she is his favorite and so uses emotional manipulation to push her husbands kike agenda. Then again, she grew up around the rich and powerful of Jew York city so I wouldn't be surprised if her entire social circle is comprised of members of the tribe.

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is her husband really a jew or just a honorary goy ?

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Well, she is right...we don't need neo-nazis...we need an improvement of the original Nazis....and white supremacists isn't necessarily good for the cause...a Confederacy of races would be better used to destroy the true threat.

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Kill yourself. You’re a paid jewish shill. Neonazis are what the national socialists called “untermenschen.” WE WILL NOT BE ALLYING WITH NONWHITE RACES, YOU GENOCIDAL FUCK. RACIAL SEPARATION OR RACIAL GENOCIDE. THOSE ARE YOUR OPTIONS.

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They'll still shout nazi and evil white supremacism. Ever listened to David Duke? Duke has never once stated that he hates niggers, or wishes them harm. He thinks a lot like Jefferson on the issue. They have rights, but they don't have the right to use our stuff, live where we live, etc. Do you ever hear THAT side out of the mainstream media? I don't even hear that side out of establishment figures on the Right. Just what a mean, horrible racist the guy is.

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I’ve wondered what the rightwing is going to do when Trump actually goes after them as ‘muh ebil Nazis’ and ‘anti-semitic’

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One big flaw in Trump making america great, that person in the twiter post is his daughter.

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Holy shit, your comment gave me a feargasm. 10/10 fear porn.

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What does that email have to do with anything? It's about an Israel's sour relationship with Obama in his 2012 election.

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Wow the convert to Judaism seems traitorous?

You're a little late to the party but at least you're here ;)

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I don't even think she is a convert, TBH. Ivana Trump was a crypto, IMO. Look at that nose on her mom, pre-rhinoplasty!

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Ivanka's pre-surgery pictures are horrifying. She's a jew and still looks like one to any goy with a discriminating eye.

Look at the nasio labial folds, that giraffe neck...

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What are you implying ? That her mother has jewish blood ? They are honorary goys..

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She married a JEW. Jews use porn as a weapon against non jews https://www.darkmoon.me/2014/pornography-as-a-secret-weapon-by-lasha-darkmoon/

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a jew that has banking ties with israel.

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Banking ties? Its a bit more than that friendo

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Directly to Soros...they're pals and Soros lent him a few hundred mill to start Cadre.

Soros forgave 100 million or so of Trump's construction loans.

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(((Ivanka Trump)))

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what the fuck is wrong with you dude? Whites are naturally superior, we don't need a club to do it. Neo Nazis are liberal shill groups anyway. Look at the leader of the Charlotesvile protest. He was a liberal and strong hillary supporter who flipped the day after the election and decided to be a Neo Nazi!!! Your either the enemy or parroting the enemy. Whites don't need a supremacy front, they work hard and smart and by and large seek after the will of God and rely on Jesus Christ and that is what makes them superior. The rest of the world is hit and miss.

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The leader of the Charlottesville protest ("Unite the Right") was Jason Kessler. He's listed as a "white supremacist" on Wikipedia, but "Kessler" is a Jewish surname (from Google):

"Kessler or Keßler is a surname of German, and Jewish (Ashkenazi) origins. It is an occupational name that means coppersmith."

Kessler was a member of the Occupy Movement, supports "gun control", and was a supporter of Obama (a black President) and a supporter of Hillary. Does that sound anything like a "white supremacist Nazi" to anyone on this site?

The truth is that Kessler is NOT a "white supremacist" at all; he is instead a Jewish globalist double agent, who is subverting a political movement......and he should be held at least partially responsible for every act of violence that occurred in Charlottesville during that event. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Kessler works for the DNC, although he more likely works for a globalist NGO.

Every conservative, nationalist, or white political movement is ALWAYS in danger of being subverted by globalist agents.....so you have to carefully research the backgrounds of the leaders (and donors) of every socio-political organization and political movement.

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Oh that's great and all if your afterlife is as advertised, but for those of us not so keen to superstition, all I have to look at is history to smell your bullshit. Christians have either stood up for their ideals and been persecuted, or capitulated with a drag-effect of maybe 10 years at best behind the perversity of modernism, maintaining their status solidly as losers throughout and either ineffective or unwilling to be effective at being useful to those of us living in reality. In fact, we see the end effect of your cult of death as just being the useful idiots all to willing to use their now minority status just like that of the other parasitic entities broadcasting weakness as strength.

I was brainwashed by your cult of ignorance, intentionally avoiding books like Beyond Good and Evil, and couldn't understand why evil shitheads keep getting over on me. Then I opened my mind to just reading these thoughts to understand them, recognize them, now I understand why people look down on Christianity. You guys revel in a comfortable bliss of accepting defeat (constructing an imaginary afterlife to induce your comma).

Unless you're already a loser, Christianity isn't even useful as a persona.

(Disclaimer: I don't downvote, even if you sad fucks do)

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This the weakest shit a shill has ever posted.

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Yahman joined 20 minutes ago to post this. LOL

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Christian knights were the only ones to fight back against Islam but I have to admit, the whole thing has been a failure.

Europe was lost 5 centuries ago, many Europeans and slavs are mongrels.

Christianity is a rallying point...but something has to change.

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"who flipped the day after the election and decided to be a Neo Nazi!!!"

You're fucking retarded and this is false.

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There is video of him reading/performing a white genocide poem. He's as shilly as a shill could be.

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It astounds me anyone can look into that guy and come to the conclusion that his "conversion" was genuine.

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I suspect that in her circle of friends the truth is the last thing they hear.

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She must believe that Jared and his tribe somehow accept her, and regard her as more than just a cow to make slightly-less genetically defective jewlets.

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That exactly. Which window is she looking out of? You can bet she's not talking to cab drivers or mechanics.

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She's a woman. What did you expect?

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Yeah, man, Ivanka is a Jew convert because she married a Jew. You gotta keep up. She's never been on our side.

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