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Fuck you, and fuck this pathetic shill-journalist's attempt to blame-shift this bullshit on to Americans.

Puerto Rico's death toll is clearly upon it's own government's allowing all infrastructure to deteriorate into that 3rd world state prior to even the first hurricane making landfall. The communist spics failed to do even the most basic hurricane disaster prep as well.

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But could trump have done more?

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The question is, how many people would have ordinarily have died if there had been no Hurricane?

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And my question is, why should anyone care?

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I think it's past time to cut PR loose.

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Another gibs grubber seeking acknowledgment.

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https://archive.fo/NByCY :

Is Donald Trump Ever Going To Acknowledge The Massive Loss Of Life In Puerto Rico? | HuffPost

'He waited 13 days to visit Puerto Rico. '

'It took 10 days for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to grant permanent disaster aid in Texas, compared to 43 days for Puerto Rico, Politico reported. '

'He visited Houston twice within the first eight days after Harvey struck the Gulf Coast, killing over 100 people. '

'But many activists and lawmakers disagree with the White House’s assessment. '

'You can be very proud. '

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When the numbers are true... yes, I know PR like the back of my hand

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Kill yourself? Who gives a shit? What does he have to say about it? Why would he say anything about it? Huffington Post is a foreign propaganda website.