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Well of course she is... After the bang-up job she did on her kid why not put her in charge of something?

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Sold T shirts at the funeral on top of everything else.

What the fuck is her platform going to be? Clemency for crack heads? St. Louis is going to have it's own South Africa.

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This dumb bitch is gonna milk her troglodyte son's death for fame and shekels for the rest of her life.

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Well, to be fair, she had the troglodyte of a son just so she could get shekels from the government.

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Let's all remember who michael brown was


Ok that's it

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Been goodified.

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felons can run?

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When she inevitably fails, I guess it will also be the fault of "rayciss wypipo"?

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Idk man, she might actually fucking win. Look at the clowns that people elect all the damned time, and tell me this bitch doesn't have a good chance.

She is pretty high up on the oppression olympics. A single sheboon mother who lost her son to a vicious White cop? He put his hands up and said "don't shoot!", don't ya know?

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What is it going to take for people to finally have enough of this shit? A statement needs to be made, and this 13-15% of the country needs to really be reminded of its place. It isn't in leadership, that's for sure.

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What is it going to take for people to finally have enough of this shit?

White people need to step in and say, "nah, you're not doing that. Here's a black guy that finished college and seems good enough. This is who we'll appoint to office for you."

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People that have never been to St. Louis or the area around, like Ferguson hear about the shooting and this shit and are shocked because they imagine it happening where they live.

There are lots of areas in the US that are complete garbage ghettos. Much of SL is that way. Southside Chicago, Oakland, Much of the South, etc might as well be third world countries. We shouldn't be shocked at shit like this because living conditions create this type of shit

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The living conditions are only bad because of the culture of the people that live there. There's nothing wrong with the land the ghetto is in itself it's the people in it.

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