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It's much worse than that. Google and Facebook ARE the government.

The CIA created In-Q-Tel (IQT). In-Q-Tel created Facebook and Google.




Good summary video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IARczUg4JwI

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Limp wristed manchildren at my work STILL play that game on shift. Throngs of adults and children alike with their colored hair meeting up in parking lots to stand around and stare at their phones. The brainwash is strong with that one. How bout something of value for a change, folks?

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Why are we the only two people on this site that understand this FACT ?

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Actually 3, i knew about this years ago when i stopped using them.

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When you have a pesky Constitution which limited the government the obvious solution is for the tyrannical government to create a "private" entity, which is fully controlled by the government, to institute whatever policies it desires. These "private" entities are then used to control, limit, steer, and redirect everything everyone sees on the Internet.

When Google or Facebook censor someone it's really the government censoring them.

This is fascism.

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I know too and I've pointed it when "libertarians" on this site start licking corporate nutsack. Probably not enough but then again I don't see that many people on voat defending them in the first place.

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You can also say that the whole internet is the government.

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While DARPA did create the Internet the Internet grew organically. It wasn't until companies like Google and Facebook came in and took control of the Internet that these things became problematic.

As wild as people believe this place to be, it's mild to what the Internet used to look like.

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They should be held to the ideal of free speech regardless due to their size/monopoly.

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If they fail to meet the high standards we'd like to see all American organizations live up to, the punishment should be a loss of market share.

To OP's point, we should completely abolish corporate welfare programs that prop up and prolong poorly lead and failing companies.

I don't know why that idea doesn't have massive bi-partisan grass roots support. I guess too many people vote for sports stadiums, etc. and then since their backs get scratched, everyone else should have their niche subsidized too.

The government could be a customer of various companies but shouldn't be anything resembling an investor/owner. I'm not sure what to do about clandestine agencies--I think we do need to keep some military secrets but perhaps they should be limited to 'current' positions/movements/plans-of-attack and not durable concepts like our 'capabilities'. Perhaps our government should be extremely transparent with no decision or communication allowed to be kept secret for more than e.g., 90 days.

Open source software has a proverb: 'many eyes make all bugs shallow'. That is, we would expect to become even more secure through transparency than secrecy because more people would be able to examine our defenses and point out where they're lacking and can be improved.

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90 days would be cool

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If they receive federal money or incentives they are on the hook.

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A private company is one that is owned by a small number of people and their shares are not traded on a stock market. A public company is one that's sells shares to the public and are traded publicly in an open market. Google is a public company as they sell and trade shares publicly. Other than that I'm not sure what your point is?

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I believe OP means that Google is not a company in the private 'sector':


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Sure they are. Do they make a butt load of money providing goods and services to the government? Absolutely. But so does Lockheed, Boeing and thousands of other companies nobody has ever heard of.

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https://archive.fo/NvtUv :

10 Corporations Receiving Massive Public Subsidies From Taxpayers

https://archive.fo/qo718 :

25 Cutting Edge Companies Funded By The Central Intelligence Agency - Business Insider

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Public or private, discrimination is illegal. All these goons say it's up to them to kick you out of the public square because their service is free. Well their free service can be considered inkind political donation. Real money, real penalties. Break up tech monopolies.

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You still don't have to use it, retard.

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