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Is there a middle-ground summary of Q for those of us out of the loop? I can only find arguments online and liberal news stories so I'm not sure I'm seeing the whole picture.

Am I wrong that anybody could go post and pretend to be Q, making anything but early posts dubious anyway?

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I think there are controls in place so that "they" "know" who the real Q is. But I think there is concern that it might be a few people all pretending to be the same Q.

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The ((())) they, or the government they, or each other they? (Forgive me if the quotes designate a they I dont know about).

I know that there are tons of safeguards in the government to identify leaks, even to the point of having the same document with different wordings or slightly different facts so they can trace the leaked information. That might have just been old school though.

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Thanks k you for taking the time to share these. Exactly what I was hoping for.