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A "news" (((organization))) coming out with a story like this without simultaneously releasing tapes that have already been independently vetted and provably real should be considered libel/slander.

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But but, they have THREE anonymous sources!

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I hope he's planning to go scorched earth on these assholes. That's the only way it'll ever stop happening.

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Trump is free to sue if it's not true.

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Why would he do that, when these stupid niggers keep shooting themselves in the foot? Lol you retard

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If the tapes existed, they'd have been out during the election.

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The memoir said he used it all the time, but she never heard him say it.

She writes "He used the word nigger all the time on Celebrity Apprentice."
She also writes, "I never once heard him say the word nigger."

Which is it?

The only way to logically make these jive is, "I never heard him say nigger, but apparently, my best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who said there was a tape of him saying it."

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Simply really, not too hard to understand. 3 separate people told her he said it but she personally didn't hear him say it

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I heard from 3 separate people that you are like to rim baboons. Does that make it true? Obviously not. It's secondhand (possibly third-hand?) hearsay, and really has no business even being discussed nor reported on.

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He was singing a Snoop dog song

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Yeah? Still don't care.

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IF Trump ever said Nigger, we would love him more....

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“Niggerfaggotkike”......President for life!!!!

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That's a nigger that should be hung from a tree

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Her next book should be titled "The Mississippi Wind Chime"

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Good. He'll get 20% more of the vote. Considering every single nigger I've ever met uses the word nigger on a daily basis...and EVERY one else thinks it...

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