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Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Is this reporter a moron?

HINT: Yes.

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I suspect that they are trying to keep the monetary system limping along until they can have a massive war to destroy "excess" life & property. Remember the housing crash and how that destabilized banks? Birth rates below population growth lower housing prices, which can take down the fractional reserve system. Massive 3rd world immigration will postpone the collapse because the demand for housing will be maintained for a time. But the economic system will not be able to support this indefinitely. Soon, war will be needed so that fractional reserve banks are not blamed for the collapse of the system. Soros might be working with someone else. X22Report speculated most of this in their report. WW3 will reset the system (without the bankers being blamed for it). Then, it will be good for another 80-100 years, and the pattern will repeat again.

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Lmao this article is all bullshit.

Diversity is the facade, the real intention is to de-stabilize countries and feed the Third World War in which Christians/Muslims wipe each other out. These elites are fake Jews, they are really luciferians.

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Don't forget making a profit from both sides aswell

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This researcher buttresses this article perfectly. You naysayers need to read this article so that you can grasp the true agenda and understand what is being done to the western world and why. http://www.library.flawlesslogic.com/juif.htm

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Soros ~ Kid Fucking Faggot Commander

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The Soros clan is running out of safe harbors. Time to appeal to the Jew clan, after papa Soros turned in his own parents and described confiscating Jew property for Hitler as the best time of his life.

These are true psychopaths.

They have no conscience. We are all bugs to them.

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I like that you have to read the whole article to find out that it basically says nothing. Let me save you a click:

Jews are jews because they're jews.

There. Now you don't have to bother with this bs blog.

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he felt a solidarity with other minority groups and also because he recognized that a Jew could only truly be safe in a world in which all minorities were protected.

Bankrupting the social safety net with 3rd world immigrants, importing anti Jewish Islamic rapefugees, and calling anyone who wants to protect the labor market and wages a Nazi does not help Jews. This is dumb. Both the elder and younger Soros are dumb. Everything they're doing is bad for us but also bad for them in the long run.

Pamela Gellar is a Jew and she can see this is not a good path. Ron Unz is a Jew and he can tell having open borders is not a great idea. Hell, Roseanne is Jewish. I wish they could talk some sense into Soroses.

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