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A Latin, a Muslim,a nigger. What is wrong with America Alex? For $500!

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15 year old bitch throwing gang signs. Kill all 3

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The right to bear arms AND DISCHARGE THEM IN DEFENSE.

It's everything.

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When people in europe speak of the "horrible gun crime" in the US, this is what the real problem is.

In this case no gun was used! But he was still murdered. The problem is the same, even if european liberals refuse to name it: The non-whites.

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Jesus fucking hell, man. 15, 17, and 21 and now the rest of their meaningless lives are going to be tax paid and even less meaningful.

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Chinese death penalty. Drag them out back and put a bullet in each one. Done.

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Textbook Nigger, which is about as close to a textbook as they get.

The bitch looks like an alien yeast infection form of coal-burner Ugly Azalea

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They're not cholo's, they're fucking pieces of shit spics. Get it right

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well, one is a mohamed, and one is black. it's like "victim boggle".

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I thought we were using taco nigger?

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Damn, I didn't even think of that! Shame on me

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This perfectly illustrates what lays ahead for white Americans. Blacks and browns of any kind will always unite against whitey. Sure once their numbers go up they will start to have serious political divisions and fighting between blacks and various groups of browns, but they will ALWAYS join together to kill whitey.

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