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Problem is there is no revenge, the tax payer pays, not the decision makers. Should be a payment to cover losses/damages and mandatory prison time for the decision makers.

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Yep. My first thought was "..and Lerner is still running around free, collecting her tax-payer funded pension."

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This wasn't Lerner's decision, she just executed it. This was all King Nigger's plan.

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^^^ This

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^^^ This

Fucking redditfags.

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So the Obamacrats won.

They were officially allowed to stifle opposition groups, and it only cost $17K each. If each opposition group would have added only 400 opposition votes, that's like buying your silence for less than $50 per voice at the polls.

Done. Legal. Approved. The court has spoken.

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They should open the file, the IRS had it sealed because they feared for their lives if the public found out what they did.

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3.5 m is jack shit, plus its all tax money anyway so they've lost nothing. Should be putting people in prison.

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If you want revenge or justice, don't look to the courts. Some things you need to do for yourselves

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Pay out with taxpayer dollars is not revenge on the IRS, it’s double revenge on citizens.

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$3.5 mil payout is shit. That's not revenge. That's "fuck off" money.

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This is great news, when did he pass?

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