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Most people who jump from the border wall get broken legs. Since they are injured on the U.S. side, they are taken to the nearest U.S. trauma center, in the custody of Border Patrol. All those picked up in the desert with any medical needs come to U.S. hospitals with B.P. The American taxpayers pick up the bills anyway.

Moreover, studies have shown that 38 ft is typically a terminal height, and this guy missed it by that much. Let’s redesign the border wall to 40 ft and allow the Darwin effect take its course. Simple applied physics.

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I say make it 100ft just to humanely remove all doubt about it working out. Let's put spikes and a pit on both sides. Think about it. It's for their own good.

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Gotta keep out those White Walkers, the wall will need a spell.

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I want attack tigers.

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Pits, Spikes, Boulders, and even live burials post-trauma via Bull Dozers are viable options.

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Fuck it let’s add a moat with alligators.

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The fuck was this? A publicity stunt? Paid for by whom?

He chooses one segment of the not even 30 miles total that have been built, rebuilt, or planned in the two years since this started?? Who the fuck is this benefiting? Both sides it seems. Right-wing tards who don't realize "a wall" isn't coming, and Left wing open-border sympathizers who see this person as a poor "victim" of "evil Trump/literally Hitlers" policies.

The actual fuck.

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I had this thought too. Hmm

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Unless he was just "lol new wall? challenge accepted." it makes absolutely no sense.

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Found the cuck.

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Need a pit of spikes on the other end so we don't have top pay for hospital bills.

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maybe move chicago to the border and the beans can be shot when they come over.

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To quote Ron White, “You can’t fix stupid.” We obviously need an IQ test for incoming illegal aliens.

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You just saw it.

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That guy got an F on his IQ test!

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instead of bringing him to a US hospital they should have just picked him up and threw him back over the wall and on to Mexican soil with nothing further said. The fact that he made a mistake does not oblige us to make a mistake.

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Unfortunately not dead

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