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You get to pay for your own replacements

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exactly right. They don't just replace you. They want you to pay for it.

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This has always been the way of the Jews -- get the Christians to pay for their own destruction.

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They vote for you to pay for it in mass numbers. Pay for my children's food señor. It's really what they do, and medical care. You are seriously paying them the extra money they need to have kids. See here: http://thealternativehypothesis.org/index.php/2016/05/11/fiscal-impact-of-whites-blacks-and-hispanics/

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"America--Free to do what you are told."

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But snopes told me hardworking undocumented immigrants don’t have access to supplemental government assistance!

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Watch the first half of Pleasantville

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PolitiFact too!

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The notion that illegals can't use our government services is 100% bullshit. Some people seem to believe that if an illegal walked into a welfare office or DMV, and tried to obtain something, the worker would immediately discover that the person is illegal and an ICE team will show up and deport the guy on the spot.

Not so. I have a personal story about this- a few years back, a family member of mine was killed by a drunk driver. The killer was an illegal from Mexico, who had been deported 4 or 5 times previous to his latest entry. He had quite a record in both the USA and Mexico- a violent felon. Somehow, he obtained a California driver's license despite being deported 5 times and being completely banned from ever entering the USA again. He had been in the country for almost a year before he killed my relative.

So he kills my relative, and spends several weeks in the hospital for his own severe injuries. Do you think he paid the tens of thousands of dollars for a month's hospital stay and all the surgeries and treatments he got? MY TAX DOLLARS WENT TO PAYING TO FIX UP THE MAN WHO KILLED MY RELATIVE. You can't imagine how enraging this thought is. It's a black pill if I think on it too much.

Deportation is great in theory- but you need to have measures in place to prevent them from simply walking right the fuck back in. To this day, nobody can explain to me how this savage acquired a legal driver's license, was able to purchase a car and get it insured, or why this man wasn't locked up for life. As far as I know, he had spent a few years in prison awaiting trial, where he plead guilty. He's in Mexico right now, supposedly in a prison down there. There's no way to be sure he isn't already back in California.

I'd really like to hold the California DMV accountable for the death of my relative. I have no doubt that this savage would've been driving without a license anyway, but the Cali DMV essentially told this man that he is above the law, and he can drive on our roads despite the fact that he really, really should not even be here in the first place. Imagine my anger.

This is the sort of thing that stays with you, too. I have a special hatred for illegals now, ALL of them- the men, the women, the children, the elderly, I don't give a fuck how badly you have it in your shithole.

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what would this graph look like without black people?

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Average Black uses $10,500 per year of government assistance. Correction: That is the average deficit of a Black, after they have paid taxes. So, they use more. There are straight up government industries created just to give incompetent blacks jobs. Paul Kersey is the resident expert on blacks, he talks about this.


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Even smaller of course.

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Beautiful. Send those fuckers back to Africa/Wakanda.

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We don't need ANY immigrants. Kick them all the fuck out.

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I couldn’t agree more. I hate the stories of some drunk illegal killing people while DWI or raping or killing Americans. Fucking animals the we have to float the bill to jail them for life. China has the answer, a bullet in the head if you’re guilty.

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I've got a story about a relative of mine killed by a drunken illegal Mexican in a vehicle collision. The fucker had been deported 5 times already, but he was able to enter for a sixth time and obtain a California driver's license, and even insure a car under his name (somehow). Then he killed my family member and fucked himself up- and my tax dollars, my family's tax dollars went to paying for this animal's month long stay in a hospital. We paid the bill for his surgeries. And my relative is in the ground.

No one ever said life is fair, but this is absolute insanity. This goes so far beyond "unfair", that it has come back around, become fair again, and then turned around and backtracked to "unfair" once more.

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Keep in mind that "natives" in this graph means blacks aswell.

If it was "whites", it would be even worse.

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Don't forget 6 anchor babies at taxpayers expense.

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I want to see the welfare statistics broken down by race: White Americans, Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, Jewish Americans, and Israeli citizens.

We all know Israeli citizens receive more welfare than any other group.

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Of course, those Central American countries are cleansing their societies from the illiterate and unemployable and sending them straight to us. These people have nothing to contribute to our society, but will drain the welfare system designed to help Americans in real need.

Stop and turn at the border before is too late.

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We need to be directing them and have policies that help their own economies be strong and great, while protecting and growing our own. It's called intelligent nation management and proper diplomacy.

When you have globalist powers that think and operate in the worst interests of nations either by design or by failed brains, and they gain too much power, this is what happens. Welcome to modern social/economic warfare.

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