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Man I miss the old internet/world.

Seems like a lot people will only understand the importance of free speech once it's been taken away from them.

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Or, go forth and wake every soul you can, build a new network, develop new sites on said network, and proliferate those sites and that network to the point it replaces this old broken one.

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Feminists have been using #KillAllMen for a while now. Of course no one bats an eye, and we are supposed to just intuitively know 'they don't really mean it' and they are actually saying 'it would be great if things sucked a little less for women'! LOL

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Gab deserves this for hosting with a globalist company.

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Russian hosting companies are surprisingly cheap, surprisingly liberal. Stable.
One rule: You can't criticize Putin. Otherwise you're good.

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We are witnessing a massive power play by Jews right now, and right in front of our fucking faces.. I just cant decide if it's all happening now because they are extremely nervous OR extremely confident that we will do nothing to stop it...Trumps support of Israel unfortunately leads me to believe it is the latter

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they are always overly confident. Why do you think they were expelled from so many countries?

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... ..... ......

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8 )

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https://archive.fo/i9F9j :

Microsoft Demands That Gab Delete Post Calling for 'Eradication of All Jews' - Motherboard

' But we will stand by our policy and insist that Gab.ai remove what is unlawful and hateful content.”'

'Gab.ai is of course free to choose otherwise and work with another cloud service provider or host this content itself. '

'Gab founder Andrew Torba posted a screenshot of a notice he got from Microsoft that says "continued violation of the Microsoft Azure Acceptable Use Policy may result in the suspension of your deployments."'

'Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube all removed Alex Jones’ Infowars podcasts and pages from their various platforms. '

'Now, Microsoft has put Gab.ai—a Twitter alternative popular with America’s political fringe—on notice. '

This has been an automated message.

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sounds like the beginning of a capitol pool for a freedom of speech cloud service. Ironically it will have less illegal content than the current one.

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All these people on here giving me SHIT on here for calling out the cloud. What do you think of your cloud now?

If you have anything in the cloud then you are making a major mistake.

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Wat? How many webhosts don't store your files on their servers?

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There is a difference between a physical server that is owned by the client and a server that is hosted in the cloud through a service provider such as Microsoft Azure platform. Amazon Web Services is the same thing. If an outage occurs, and the do occur, all clients can and are typically affected by it. The saying, "Don't put all your eggs in the same basket" comes to mind.

Now if a client has paid for a physical server in data center or is hosting their own servers, which there are many sites that host their own physical servers on site, then there is more control over the data that is stored on it. Not to mention how and when it is accessed. The failure point then resides on the ISP who provides the bandwidth to the site. That takes a court order to terminate in majority of cases.

In the case of Microsoft Azure they can simply tell you that they are cutting the cord and your fucked. No court order required. They hold all the cards.

At the point that data leaves your hard drive is accessed from the cloud instead of a hard drive you can physically touch it is compromised and no longer "your" data. Read the TOS agreements for One Drive and Google Drive and Apple's solution. They stipulate they have the right to alter, delete, and review any and all data that you store on their servers/services. I have personally had files deleted from my One Drive and that was back when it was Sky Drive.

I hope this explains what I was attempting to convey.

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oy vey shut it down the goyim know!

Don't let your memes be dreams I guess?

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How about these:






Are any of these less offensive or racist, because they don't call for actual murder of a particular race?

"Liberalism" is a mental disorder.

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Behavior like this is why jews are subhuman beasts that need to all be eradicated.

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