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Normal people don't get jobs in government. They just work and tinker in spare time because other people are not your problem to fix.

For example this morning on news in the uk there was something about a housing shortage and they need to make a million new homes and there was no easy answer.

I told my wife well fuck me if we have no houses why did we let in hundreds of thousands of illiterate retards in last year and make the problem worse.

The sjw mob think controlling the people who don't give a shit will magically fix everything because going out and grafting is too much like effort. When being a lazy, entitled cunt became cool we were far enough along for it to snowball into today's sjw nonsense.

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All they know is how to DESTROY. Because creating something is hard, but it is easy to destroy. "He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing" - DUNE

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That's not what that quote means and this is very black pill.

Whites are the Master Race as they have the ability to create. Niggers are livestock.

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I'm reading about the formation of the Soviet Union, communists said the same thing. When the Bolsheviks gained power, and all the workers who supported them along the way started to get upset that the utopia didn't arrive, they were shot.

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Yes, that is what Yuri Bezmenov said. He said the 'useful idiots' are the first on the chopping block, because once the revolution succeeds they are most likely to become disillusioned and continue doing the only thing they know how, protesting.

This is what all the idiots who are cheerleading censorship of conservatives are somehow missing! They are happy that the 'other team' is finally being 'shut up' but how do they not realize that as soon as conservatives are censored, they will be next!

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Same as in china, the french revolution, Cambodia, cuba, ukraine, etc.

If your goal is a centralized economy with a massive welfare state, of what fucking use is an obese tranny who sits at home all day?

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They are the Marxist created 'Useful Idiots' that would be the first up against the wall if the Communists took over.

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Yep, see Yuri Bezmenov, 'On Ideological Subversion'

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You've got to go back to the 60s and 70s when everything destructive started such as the "civil rights" movement, the welfare state (socialism provided by godverment), the war on drugs, removal of the gold standard, the sexual devolution, feminism (women LARPing as men), etc. The SJW is the byproduct of all of this decay that started long ago.

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Yes, a lot of people, especially whites don't want to admit that this was the intended outcome all along.

The counterculture was a Judeo Marxist movement designed to bring down western civilization, art, music, politics, everything.

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These days you can't even tell a woman that she should be fulfilling the role of a woman (something she is biologically empowered to do) instead of the role of a man. She'll get all offended when you tell her she shouldn't be LARPing as a man as this is damaging to children and society as a whole. At that point you have some unreachable, emotional twat in front of you, and no progress will be made. It doesn't matter that a woman being a woman by caring for children and the elderly provides an enormous amount of financial value without the paycheck. Instead we have to live lives where children get dumped in daycare, elderly get dropped in piss-smelling nursing homes to be "cared for" by niggers, and lunch and dinner are McDonalds instead of home-cooked meals.

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Mod invite sent

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Only to v/soapboxbanhammer

He deserves it.

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SJW exist only for the purpose of ruining everything.

No they dont. They are leftists. The goal of leftists is to take your stuff. Taking your stuff is their one and only final goal. Everything else they do including "ruining everything" are just subtasks necessary to complete the main task, which is taking your stuff.

purpose of damaging all the basics of society

They are only damaging the basics of a "dont steal" christian, "lets compund that interest" capitalist and "dont thread on me" free society.

They wouldnt try to damage basics of a "to everybody according to his needs" marxist society. In a marxist society they would easily get your stuff. They only damage societies which dont force you to hand over your stuff to them.

there are no normal people in government able to stop this

Why should they?

In a democratic goverment, would the power of politicians and the number of votes they get increase if they stop this madness?

No it wouldnt, it would actually decrease, which is why they arent doing it.

In a democracy, the currency of power are votes, and you get votes by redistributing wealth of a tiny number of productive high-IQ people to a large number of useless lazy low-IQ niggers. You dont get votes by decreasing taxes on the productive and letting the millions of useless niggers starve like they deserve. As soon as you try that, a marxist jew like Bernie Sanders would run for office and collect all the nigger votes in exchange for stuff paid by your taxes.

END DEMOCRACY NOW (or democracy will end you)

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It's only how it works in our current democracy, i.e. 'representative' democracy, which has little to do with the democracy of ancient Athens and which Aristotle would consider no democracy at all.

Besides which, I think there are more votes than you suppose (and increasingly so) in stopping this madness. Otherwise how did Trump get in? Victor Orban? Salvini?

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there are more votes than you suppose in stopping this madness.

Those are votes stopping the madness created by other votes. If there was no democracy, problem caused by democracy wouldnt have to be solved by democracy in the first place.

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Indeed, we would do better to look at the SJW question as a spiritual matter rather than a political one. They play the devil, ie by throwing across accusations out of their own sense of guilt to spread the guilt to others. You win by declining the offer.

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I can see where you're coming from but it's more about creating or deepening division.

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