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that's just deflecting, or thinking ahead, and having people like that on board, for plausible deniability. you CAN look -TOO- deeply into it.

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Sure, but I've seen a number of people on here make pretty spurious claims that could only be considered grasping at straws, yet when called out on it you'll be labeled a shill for not immediately accepting their deep, between-the-lines interpretation as truth. Not to say there aren't a number of things that have to be "measured" with heuristics, for lack of anything better, but still...

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yeah, i can definately understand both sides; truth is, we NEED to be skeptical of everything, and we NEED to also read in between the lines. a healthy sense of questioning what people say here in general is a good thing.

people resorting to immediately labelling others as a shill without anything reasonable to say, are likely to be shills themselves. i found that most people throwing the label around willy-nilly tend to be happy to actually back things up, it's just more efficient to slap a label on people and move on. SOME people though, can be easily figured out to be GENUINE shills, pretty easily. engaging in even a modicum of conversation makes it supremely easy to pick them out, because they simply dont behave like us at all.