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Well i thought we had this figured out a few months ago when its was declared globalist was an anti-Semitic word.


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Yeah, that's what globalist jews think.

But the word is used often by both right-winged zionist jews and goyim alike when referring to their political opponent so it would be a stretch to call it anti-semitic.

Also for something to qualify to be as an-anti semitic word, every jews should be offended by such word. For example, "oven dodger" or "hook nose" is anti semitic because it offends every jews. But globalist? Jews who are not in the banking sector and get 0 shekel from the bankers and those who don't participate in leftist politics won't get offended by that obviously. So in reality, the word globalist only offends jews who are pro-open borders. Rabbis in Hungary who supported Orban won't get offended by this label, at all.