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This is better than naming the Jew, it invites people to look into it themselves. The best redpill is one that is voluntarily taken.

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True. Redpills only work if you are looking for them yourselves.

Also it's brilliant because anyone who calls it anti-Semitic is admitting the Jews are behind it.

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Kinda like the jews going crazy when musk named the jew.. wait he didnt do anything of the sort but the jews in the media came after him like he did.. it was embarrasing for them.

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Also it's brilliant because anyone who calls it anti-Semitic is admitting the Jews are behind it.

It really is. Bonus points if you accuse the person of thinking it was the jews and accused you of anti-semitism of anti-semitism. Mind = blown.

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Is it?

The average conservative who's not anti-semitic would see this and say "leftist/liberal are the ones doing the censorship."

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Agreed. This is not, explicitly, naming of the jew.

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close enough. any nationalists who hates zionist morons like the bush family would agree with this

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Once they start down the path, they'll run into the truth.

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And that's ok, that's a good first step.

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tell that to elon musk

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I wasn't religious until I found voat and started saying, to quote myself, "Every time you kill a Jew god creates a puppy". I'm religious now.

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Has the Jew god created many puppies for you? (This is why punctuation was invented.)

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huh? that description is open to interpretation. doesnt name anything

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It doesn't name shit.

People could answer it with leftist or globalist or communist or whatever other answer without actually mentioning race. If a tweet doesn't anger Shapiro, then it is not "naming the jew."

Heck, even doing "globalist = jew" is a stretch fantasy that only exist in the most extreme fringe of alt-right since even Trump uses the word globalist a lot and we all know how zionist he is and how many rabbis are behind him.

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Well i thought we had this figured out a few months ago when its was declared globalist was an anti-Semitic word.

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In relationship to the censoring that just happens to them today by their hosting company? You can't grasp anything that isn't a literal, word-for-word smack in the head, can you?

Sometimes obvious, deliberate ambiguity is more impactful than the cudgel of explicitness, but you have to have an audience with an IQ higher than the octane level of the gas they're huffing to grasp it.

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Still didn't name them or even hint at suggesting them.

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Octane analogy to IQ is genius.

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Isn't they owner of gab a jew himself?

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Yes, they is.

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I don't believe that has been established yet.

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Nah, Greek and uber Christian.

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I thought so too, but looking into it, it doesn't seem like he is. He might be but I haven't found solid evidence of it yet.

HOWEVER, came across this when looking for info. Definitely something to think about, I suppose, although it's too speculative for my tastes (albeit it's not too speculative for many people I see on Voat). Also there is this, which you could either see as a red flag, or rationalize as 4D chess by someone who's aware of the jew.

I went ahead and checked and yup, "gabai" is indeed a hebrew word (it's spelled with either one or two Bs, apparently): "A gabbai, also known as shamash or warden is a beadle or sexton, a person who assists in the running of synagogue services in some way"


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that's just deflecting, or thinking ahead, and having people like that on board, for plausible deniability. you CAN look -TOO- deeply into it.

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ehhh, no. Don't see any word referencing the jew or even implying them.

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They will Aaron Swartz the shit out of Gab owners.

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Aaron Schwartz was a Jew. It's in the name.

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What he did is more important than who he was.

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Send them to Thailand to do drugs and spend the money they scammed?

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The first domino in ending jewish control of america is exposing the circumcision lie.. it is the foundation of their religion and a key to their tribalism... it is also unbelievble 120 million american men have had their dicks mutilated because of judiasm.. dont believe me watch this long but important video and leave no doubt behind.


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I'm sure that will help their problem with Microsoft :/

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They are doing it in response to the "problem" with Microsoft. To show that two people can play that game.

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