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No, the "male" needs to be added. It's illegal to slice up a baby gilr's vagina in the USA and most of the West. It's a standard practice to slice up a newborn boy's dick in most of the civilized world. FGM is so absurdly rare outside of shitholes and more recently Europe, that it's not even an issue- it's already illegal in most places. How many males are mutilated every year? MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS, compared to the few hundred female victims.

When most people hear "genital mutilation" they'll immediately think about a little sheboon in Africa getting her privates slashed up with a rusty spade. This is just the way the lexicon is- most people would have to be convinced that circumcision is actually on the same level as female circumcision. Even saying something silly like "End all full-stop genital mutilation" might make most people think of the different kinds of female mutilations (I've heard horrible shit about removing the clitoris, but sometimes they remove the labia or other bits).

This is a male issue, and a language issue. We need to use male language to address it. Female genital mutilation is only an issue among savages, and it's already fucking illegal and known to be immoral. Male genital mutilation is a different issue because of its legal/culturally accepted status, and thus MGM needs to be addressed separately from FGM.

The solution to stopping FGM would be "Kill/imprison the brown people who practice that shit." The solution for MGM is not so simple.