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We have soap Moshe.


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The hygiene argument for circumcision is so bad. Women have vaginas, an open cavity between their legs right beside their butthole- and most women manage to keep that clean. Why wouldn't a man be able to clean out a little flap of skin just as well? If anything, it seems easier to clean a foreskin than it would be to clean a vagina.

Maybe this argument had merit 2,000 years ago, when hygiene practices were nearly non-existent. Maybe it even has some merit for filthy, savage brown people in modern times. It does not have merit for a civilized White man living in the age of hand sanitizer.

Nature doesn't make mistakes when it comes to "designing" lifeforms. If a feature becomes redundant, it is usually evolved away over time. We've had foreskins since the beginning of time. If it didn't serve some kind of purpose (I'd guess protection, mostly) then we wouldn't be born with it 200,000 years later.

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