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"No Turn On Red"

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He's been fixed.

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Definition of "mutilate": to inflict a violent and disfiguring injury on.

Would slicing a chunk off of a penis count as a violent, disfiguring injury?

We should stop using the jew's word "circumcision". The jew is fantastic at using words to cloak their verminous behavior. Let's just call this what it is- male genital mutilation.

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Just call it "Genital Mutilation". It doesn't matter if it's male or female. That is, unless you are trying to give leverage for someone to change the subject to some kind of gender studies nonsense.

Call it "Genital Mutilation" and the SJW can't argue against it without opening herself up to the possibility that it's OK to mutilate female genitals.

Call it "Male Genital Mutilation" and the SJW is going to use the word "Male" to justify that it's totally fine for this to happen to males, because reasons.

Don't give them leverage to take the conversation in a dishonest direction. When they try to take the conversation anywhere besides "Full-Stop Genital Mutilation" and make a distinction between "Male Genital Mutilation" and "Female Genital Mutilation", you say, "NO, this isn't about male this or female that. This is about Genital Mutilation. Fuck you.".

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No, the "male" needs to be added. It's illegal to slice up a baby gilr's vagina in the USA and most of the West. It's a standard practice to slice up a newborn boy's dick in most of the civilized world. FGM is so absurdly rare outside of shitholes and more recently Europe, that it's not even an issue- it's already illegal in most places. How many males are mutilated every year? MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS, compared to the few hundred female victims.

When most people hear "genital mutilation" they'll immediately think about a little sheboon in Africa getting her privates slashed up with a rusty spade. This is just the way the lexicon is- most people would have to be convinced that circumcision is actually on the same level as female circumcision. Even saying something silly like "End all full-stop genital mutilation" might make most people think of the different kinds of female mutilations (I've heard horrible shit about removing the clitoris, but sometimes they remove the labia or other bits).

This is a male issue, and a language issue. We need to use male language to address it. Female genital mutilation is only an issue among savages, and it's already fucking illegal and known to be immoral. Male genital mutilation is a different issue because of its legal/culturally accepted status, and thus MGM needs to be addressed separately from FGM.

The solution to stopping FGM would be "Kill/imprison the brown people who practice that shit." The solution for MGM is not so simple.

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No. BEcause a cut dick looks a million times better than uncut. So no its not a disfiguring injury,

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I can hear that hamster wheel a spinnin'

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I had a liberal professor in college talk about genital mutilation and even said he was pissed and wanted his foreskin back. I myself never really thought about it, but if I lost 16 functions, then I literally got ripped off.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCuy163srRc if youre circumcised i highly sugest you watch this video and learn about what was stolen away from you, with ZERO benefits gained by doing so. Circumcision has ruined your penis and you probably don't realise it since youve known no better. Imagine having blurry vision all your life, knowing no better, and then wearing glasses that perfect your vision. Same thing but with your dick. Up to 90% of the sensations taken away from your because of it so sex feels considerably worse.

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I don't want to know. How the fuck will I benefit from knowing it's gone and I can't ever have it? That will only upset me.

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When I learned that my foreskin was supposed to keep my dick tip nice and soft and sensitive, I'll admit, I got really ticked off. Now I have a weird, unnatural layer of skin encasing the tip and sexual pleasure is reduced?! All because my parents thought I wouldn't wash myself well enough?! Or because there's some bullshit about it in the Old Testament? WTF. It's really mind boggling actually.

Oh yeah! That doesn't even begin to cover the brain chemistry change this causes in infants due to the trauma. And it's not fucking temporary.

Thatbeing said, this method might make a couple people look the issue up,but won't do so well at winning people over.

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There isn't much hope regrowing the nerves and nerve endings besides stem cell therapy.

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Im about to go down town in my town.. top 10 largest city in america.. going to set up next to the jehovah witness people and hand out circumcision information..

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Actually if you look closely, it's 16.

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Reading that is really depressing. A mutilated son, truly, pays for the sins of his father.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCuy163srRc watch this video, it will explain everything about what the foreskin does, how circumcision came to be such a big thing in america only, and it will give you a burning anger to see the ((( people ))) responsible dragged through the streets for ruining 120 million american mens lives with this evil practice

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Yours isn't prehensile?

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North East Philadelphia


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Same intersection the guy with the pizzagate and lock Hillary up signs used to frequent

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Hey I drove past these same guys some where in northern New Jersey, I gave them a thumbs up when I drove by.

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