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See that organizational fervor? Replicate it. The DNC Leninists have up until now engineered a beautifully-effective stomp system. Trump is the new and improved and beautifully-effective stomp system but even an iconic beast like Trump is limited by the weak links in his organization which will ALWAYS be the Harvard/Yale/Berkeley, knees-bent, cock-garglers in the establishment Republican party that MUST be mercilessly chainsawed out of the Capitalist grove.

Alex Jones was a Leninist trophy. A massive group of digital hunters camped out on the binary savanna and hunted a single lion down and killed his ass, cut his head off, and that head will hang over a thousand shit-eating Stalinist fireplaces in Silicone Valley because that is ALL they have to make their miserable turd lives feel human and alive.

Hunt the FUCK out of an old-school media personality that has been making millions of people happy for fucking decades!

The response to this is simple. The noxious caustic Cretans in the Communist/Socialist DNC must be crushed into oblivion by millions upon MILLIONS of votes.

Kill a DNC cunt with a vote. That's how WE hunt and crush, bitches.


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While I appreciate the eloquence, I don't buy that he's a mantle-piece yet. In fact, I think Jones forced them to play some heavy cards really early to draw them out. Rope-a-dope! Now they're gonna be fully burned out by crunch time.


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The kikes had to pull the plug on their own op. He was redpilling too many wyppo on JQ. Disinfo op blew up in their faces. VONNEGUT REEEEEEEED himself into a cardiac event when he learned how many goyim he redpilled with Slaughterhouse -5. Me,for one.