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Meet Jared Holt, the guy who’s getting Alex Jones kicked off the internet

Jared Holt, a researcher from Right Wing Watch, a project of People for the American Way. Holt's work has been instrumental in getting social media and other internet platforms to give Infowars the boot.

Everything you need to know is right here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People_for_the_American_Way

PFAW, a left-wing group, monitors what it characterizes as "right-wing" activities. Toward this end, the organization sponsors a website called Right Wing Watch

Former presidents of PFAW include Tony Podesta.

Michael Keegan is the organization's president. Members of the group's board of directors included John Hall Buchanan, Jr., Alec Baldwin, Seth MacFarlane, Mary Frances Berry, Julian Bond, Bertis Downs IV, James Hormel, Dolores Huerta, Jane Lynch, Josh Sapan, Dennis Van Roekel, Howie Klein and Reg Weaver.

Major donors to PFAW include George Soros' Open Society Institute.

It's all right there on the wiki page. it doesn't get any more obvious than that!

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Someone really needs to send this to Styx. He'd run the story in a second, he can't stand that guy.

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I wonder if these are the powerful people that were eluded to that Voat pisses off which had voats financial ties broken.

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Well now i wouldn't be surprised.

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Would be a shame if someone were to fire bomb their HQ and maybe burn down some of their houses.

Would definitely not recommend anyone doing that.

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The shear amount of bullshit that The DNC is intentionally putting Americans through at the moment is mind-blowing.

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and they call us fascists.

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Op is a faggot for not giving us an archived version.

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fuck me, you're right.

derram to the rescue.


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You would want me to fuck you, faggot.

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archive.fo’s server IP address could not be found.

I'd rather read the article. Although an archive link in the comments would be good. if you use a script blocker, the site works fine with just 10 CSS and 9 image elements.

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Madeline McCann police sketch

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See that organizational fervor? Replicate it. The DNC Leninists have up until now engineered a beautifully-effective stomp system. Trump is the new and improved and beautifully-effective stomp system but even an iconic beast like Trump is limited by the weak links in his organization which will ALWAYS be the Harvard/Yale/Berkeley, knees-bent, cock-garglers in the establishment Republican party that MUST be mercilessly chainsawed out of the Capitalist grove.

Alex Jones was a Leninist trophy. A massive group of digital hunters camped out on the binary savanna and hunted a single lion down and killed his ass, cut his head off, and that head will hang over a thousand shit-eating Stalinist fireplaces in Silicone Valley because that is ALL they have to make their miserable turd lives feel human and alive.

Hunt the FUCK out of an old-school media personality that has been making millions of people happy for fucking decades!

The response to this is simple. The noxious caustic Cretans in the Communist/Socialist DNC must be crushed into oblivion by millions upon MILLIONS of votes.

Kill a DNC cunt with a vote. That's how WE hunt and crush, bitches.

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While I appreciate the eloquence, I don't buy that he's a mantle-piece yet. In fact, I think Jones forced them to play some heavy cards really early to draw them out. Rope-a-dope! Now they're gonna be fully burned out by crunch time.

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The kikes had to pull the plug on their own op. He was redpilling too many wyppo on JQ. Disinfo op blew up in their faces. VONNEGUT REEEEEEEED himself into a cardiac event when he learned how many goyim he redpilled with Slaughterhouse -5. Me,for one.

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They're bragging about it because it worked. People on the right should wake up, stop being pussies and fight fire with fire.

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Can't escape the fact Jones covered some big stuff on pedo's and Podesta is involved. No coincidence there in my book. If all Jones said was false he would still be there.

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This guy actually looks like he has soros hand up his ass

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