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Clearly a blockade should be used against San Francisco not an invasion


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ZeroHedge is controlled opposition.

That’s the only explanation for this shit. They NEVER name the jew, they EXPLICTLY avoid all racial discussion, and now they’re openly claiming that it won’t be a race war. They get the bullet, too.

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Fuck off nigger. Zero Hedge re-posts a variety of viewpoints and opinions from lots of different sources. They have very little original content. What they do is allow an uncensored forum for people to comment on. One of the very few places on the web where you won't be banned for naming the jew (unless you are a faggot that refuses to use any persec like anonymous email and/or vpn).

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blah blah variety

This is a Tyler Durden post. It’s official and from the site owners. Pay attention, fuckface.

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Itz all in the peanut gallery. Though majority cuckservative boomers it is infested with 35-40% ourguys & they are very tolerant of free speech. As a member I got away with over a year of some serious trolling & shitposting.