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Interesting. All they need is one mass shooting that they would spin for months, 24/7 while they ignore 200 shootings a week just in Chicago.


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They want whites to think that niggers are only capable of chimping out, so that blacks hate them for the reaction. Chicago is being kept at ChimpCon-2 for that exact reason.

This is the perfect time to be telling people "Naw. I hate Spics, Dotheads, Kikes, but I love Niggers!", replacing races as neccessary.

Have you noticed the change in tactics since Obama took over the DNC when Hillary was booted? Valerie Jarrett and Obama are trying to make Race War happen.

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The goal is to get the goyim to kill each other over problems (((they))) caused.

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Upvoat for 'ChimpCon-2"

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Meh aslong they shoot just eachother for all I care all of Chicago can fall.

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Just last week they had an anti-violence march. If you're not familiar with this or the city, they were marching on the North side, very little violence, as most of the shootings/violence occur on the south and west sides. They were interviewing one of the people. The news reporters said the march on the North was to spread awareness of the problem of violence elsewhere in the city. A lady they interviewed said their goal was to spread the violence throughout the city to lessen the violence by them. If the violence happened in the "white" neighborhoods, something would be done immediately. I had to double check that what I heard was correct as I could not believe that was said. Then again, I don't know why anything is surprising anymore.

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Which is why we just need to target and kill Jews first.

All Jews need to die.

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Muslims and jews.

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And your diatribe is exactly the reaction they want from you. Keep it up and they win. Don't be so arrogant to think your reaction wasn't intended from the beginning.

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If you kill your enemies, they win -Justin Trudeau

Nice try, faggot.

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Thanks Trudeau you fucking cuck.

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In wartime the fools who claim the high moral ground die. Get that faggot! The violence has already started on the other side.

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Goodbye jews!

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I'd largely agree with this. The one thing you can guarantee when things like this Sarah Jeong thing crop up is that some low IQ fuckers will instantly get on Twitter (and others) and let out a whole world of racism at the perpetrator. Ask yourselves what that gains. It doesn't gain very much at all other than said low IQ dumbfuckers feeling better for a minute or two. Long-term, that vitriol that gets unleashed becomes the very rocks that the left then hurls back at the right. Without a response like that the left has nothing, worse still, they have a public figure that aligns with them and against racism etc., displaying the very thing they claim to despise. They defeat themselves. But responding to it gives them something. It's time we calmed the emotional responses and leave that to the left and instead THINK about what the best thing to do would be in each situation. Thinking is something we have on them; time to fucking use it.

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It's not low IQ people, it's paid trolls and bots spewing the majority of the racist BS.

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Well yes, there is that too. I've definitely seen plenty of bots spewing out certain lines before on Twitter. They don't hide that very well either, or don't make any attempt to. If you view the latest posts on a topic you tend to find them easily enough.

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My God, the pedo pope weighs in. Or is that you Kasich?

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We have to remember who our enemy is at all times.

As for the racial infighting that's growing if you can't see where that leads than your as blind as an antifa cuck.

Ask yourself, would you stand beside a black man wearing a MAGA hat?

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I understand ((who)) the real enemy is, but that doesn't prevent the TV from making them hate whites and acting on it daily.

There is a very uneasy tension in the air here in Chicago, much like a powder keg. Remember, it takes several strikes of the match to ignite.

My advice is to get out of any urban setting and surround yourself with like minded folk.

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Chicago is a real problem and just like a runaway truck it might already be too late to stop it.

I think your right, the best thing you can do is step away from fan before the shit hits.

Historically they just burn their own property anyway. Blacks rioting looks retarded. Blacks rioting against whites and vs versa could kick off a mini civil war.

That's what they want. They want us to burn down our own society from the inside out.

Get out, let those who want to be animals be animals. We aren't playing their game.

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The hiring of a leftist loser gook to a leftist-rag media source like the FAILING JEW YORK CRIMES will never bring me to violence. I couldn't care any less than I do.

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I think that's their new name

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Look how niggers chimp out when they think they are provoked. Politicians and police are afraid of them. Might be worth remembering that.

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Now they'll be afraid of us.

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No problem. We can wait until after november.

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Could you tell that to this guy? thanks.

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"The goal NOW is to make WHITE PEOPLE hate people of color" How did I not see this sooner.

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