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You remember the 2004 presidential election? In the afternoon, exit polls showed Kerry would win, but then something happened in the five key states and Bush won. Soon after, a Princeton professor of statistics wrote a paper, and I'll just summarize it: Exit polls are extremely accurate. In fact, that is the way the US monitors elections in other countries to see if there was tampering. The odds of the vote count in those five key states varying that much from the exit poll predictions are about 200,000 to one. In science that is the way we say impossible. But life went on as usual in the US. The fix went in that afternoon.

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listen to jervybingly. The fix went in only that afternoon.

Bush Jr. and John Kerry weren't both Bonesmen.
They didn't sit in coffins and masturbate together while confessing their dirtiest secrets to each other.
They've never colluded on anything, including throwing an election so that Bush would win.
And the media definitely wasn't complicit in it.

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What you said is of course true, but I assumed everyone already knew that. They had to fix the fix, and it happened that afternoon.

The fix went in only that afternoon.

I did not say that and I think you know it. If you want to say something about me, say it straight. Don't make some kind of twisted implication. The fix was in since before 9/11. So yeah, let's attack each other with innuendoes and back stabbing. That will help with the midterms and getting Trump reelected.