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BY A VERY THIN MARGIN. If this election teaches us anything, it's that all you fucks have got to get out there and voat in November. DO not think this means we have it in the bag. Register to vote and fucking do it.

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If it teaches us anything the elections are rigged. What are the statistics that virtually every election is ending up 50.1% / 49.9%?

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The reasons for this are many. Gerymandering is one of them. Straight up election fraud by the owners or controllers of the voting machines / vote counting, dead people voting democrat, and the nature of this particular area.

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Are you serious or have you not heard of the law of large numbers?

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But....I have plans...I was gonna take some speed and jerk off

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just get an absentee and do them both at the same time.

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Jewish censorship: bypassed

oy vey goyim, go vote

Not without deportations.

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If we had a serious moderate candidate and 100% voter turnout, the distribution would be 20% democrat, 60% moderate, 20% republican. But that would require building steam and not triggering the party-killer spoiler effect. First past the post voting sucks.

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All candidates are moderate. Moderates are too stupid to see it. Being as close as possible but on the bigger side of the vote relative to a candidate is how you win a two candidate race. If you are already right of your opponent, it makes no sense to be anymore right than u have to be, ul only turn off the letier voters and gain nothing because you already have all the right ones.

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I wouldn't be so sure. People are hyper polarized and vote for "their" side just to stick it to the "other" side. Moderate candidates that aren't trying to steal your rights get shut out

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There is no such thing as a moderate candidate

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Salty election workers, or state reps were sitting on the results until the last minute out of spite?

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Trying their best to figure out how to rig the numbers so the dem would win

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Liberals are toxic so probably just were scrambling to corrupt the result but couldn't figure it out

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Red blooded American turnout. Crushing the lifeless murderous thugs of Socialist Democrats should be the fucking life and breath of ALL Americans called to live free, high, and rich!

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You're a great American.

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Can't even steal elections anymore.


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Barely scraping by in a Republican-leaning district does not bode well for the Republicans in the 2018 midterms, since Dems are outperforming historically by a margin of about 16%

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Pay your gas bills

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Where the fuck are you getting your numbers? La-la land? Where are they out performing?

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watch them flood columbus with People of Crime so this never happens again

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We'll see. I expect a growth of state and socialism.

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It should not have been this close

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Well, the majority of this district is rural and red. But there are parts o it that dip into about 25% of heavy populated liberal and nigger filled Columbus. That's what made it close.

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Glad to hear that. The common media was saying the Dims were ahead 0.5% as of three hours ago. The last-minute surge was probably due to hard-working blue collar people getting off work and going to vote, as opposed to illegals and college brats having all day to vote.

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Thats how it goes every election.

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You remember the 2004 presidential election? In the afternoon, exit polls showed Kerry would win, but then something happened in the five key states and Bush won. Soon after, a Princeton professor of statistics wrote a paper, and I'll just summarize it: Exit polls are extremely accurate. In fact, that is the way the US monitors elections in other countries to see if there was tampering. The odds of the vote count in those five key states varying that much from the exit poll predictions are about 200,000 to one. In science that is the way we say impossible. But life went on as usual in the US. The fix went in that afternoon.

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CNN - MILLIONS WILL DIE! or something

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They are currently running a headline that the GOP won Ohio, and it's bad news for the GOP because they only won by a little, not a lot. If anything it's a blessing - they won and had a wake up call at the same time.

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"Jews will be rounded up in cattle cars and sent to crematoriums!"

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Is this something we can vote on in November?

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people always cite the popular vote but theres still huge evidence of vote rigging even though Hillary lost, they just didn't rig it enough

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