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This is a great point, especially as we are being forced to and supposed to think in global terms. Whites should have a global minority protected status.


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If we applied liberal logic to statistics, we would be in a massive mess. If i have 100 crayons, and 10 of them are orange, than those orange crayons are definiltey a minority. But according to liberal logic, if there are 10 orange crayons and 90 red crayons, than we "weight" each orange crayon with a score of 1, and a red crayon with a score of 0.1, to get the result of red crayons being a minority again, even though it's very clearly not. Furthermore diversity scoring means that for every score of 1 orange crayon, you would need 10 red crayons for them to be "equal" weight. Hmm, wasn't the entire premise of the 3/5 compromise done in a similar fashion?


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Well when employing statistics in a modern liberal manner it is important to note whether or not the disliked group weighs the same as a duck.


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So what you're saying is that this is a grand revenge scheme against whites for ... something.?


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lol no. Liberals LOVE to think nationally and locally in this specific issue, while all the rest, they think exclusively globally.

How convenience.