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This is a great point, especially as we are being forced to and supposed to think in global terms. Whites should have a global minority protected status.

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If we applied liberal logic to statistics, we would be in a massive mess. If i have 100 crayons, and 10 of them are orange, than those orange crayons are definiltey a minority. But according to liberal logic, if there are 10 orange crayons and 90 red crayons, than we "weight" each orange crayon with a score of 1, and a red crayon with a score of 0.1, to get the result of red crayons being a minority again, even though it's very clearly not. Furthermore diversity scoring means that for every score of 1 orange crayon, you would need 10 red crayons for them to be "equal" weight. Hmm, wasn't the entire premise of the 3/5 compromise done in a similar fashion?

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Well when employing statistics in a modern liberal manner it is important to note whether or not the disliked group weighs the same as a duck.

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So what you're saying is that this is a grand revenge scheme against whites for ... something.?

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lol no. Liberals LOVE to think nationally and locally in this specific issue, while all the rest, they think exclusively globally.

How convenience.

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Been telling people this for years, yet most just wont wake up from their comfy comas

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With a username like that I was expecting something along the lines of "dude, chinamen is not the preferred nomenclature"

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With a username like yours, I was expecting “Tank you beddy much, come again”

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It is extremely telling, that this fact is viewed by the left as racist. Even trying to talk about this kind of stuff with leftists makes them violently angry.

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Good where are the facts?

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Maybe because whites have developed or invented 90 percent of everything in the world?

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Yep. In just this last week we've had a global majority Asian - Sarah Jeong picking on a global minority White People. Another global & US minority Black Woman Candace Owens stood up for the minority Whites by replacing White in racist Sarah Jeong's tweets with Jews, Blacks & Mexicans. The result? Owens tweets were deemed Hate Speech while Jeongs were not. This double standard has got to go.

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Asians aren't a global majority though. Africans however...

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The're up there. Whilst the white population is trailing in the hundred millions, Africans, Indians and Asians are in the billions. Even if tomorrow whites were loved, it would take generations before the white birth rates matched that of other ethnic groups

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This, I beleve is the truth. Where are official demographics of the world? I want proof.

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You'd have to do a lot of digging through census reports to find out. I believe anybody can do the research, but nobody has, or at least not that I've heard of.

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It seems that Whites population is booming

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This depends if you count all white people, or discount those who have any nonwhite ancestors at all.

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Yeah. I thought the number was closer to 6%. Which means white women are only 3% of the world population. A tiny number. Preserve and protect these people!

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