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Remind everyone about Turkey's genocide against Armenians?

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"Turkey's" genocide. The young Turks were "young" not in the sense of the age of their members, but because they had only recently started identifying as Turks, hence they were "young Turks." In fact they were not really Turks at all, but Jews.

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Donmeh juews

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Clearly we need to send them to reeducation camps, apparently.

Definitely not a wannabe totalitarian.

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Camp... where you do nothing but listen to TYT all day.

Can that Armenian gal be my roommate? I think she could be really persuasive... naked.

Kind of amusing when they just use arguments like "white people, LOL... amirite?" and then have no idea why you don't jump on board with everything they say..

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where you do nothing but listen to TYT all day.

I'd rather take the gas, honestly. And this is from someone who used to listen to them regularly during the Bush admin.

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Hahahah Typical. Anyone that disagrees with me must be stupid.

I'm amazed that skank site still gets views. Must be the racist charity clicks from the socialist rich kids.

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bots you mean

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I forgot about those views. The plague rats.

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Yeah, they don't understand that people are free to think however they please. Freedom means the ability to do and think things that others might disagree with. It means you can make bad decisions due to your own poor reasoning.

And they don't understand that people can be wired a little differently from others and will have different experiences and see different arguments, all of which shapes their worldview and personal philosophies and how they reason. For example, some people have better emotional regulation and aren't as susceptible to manipulation from guilt and shame, while others have higher emotional intelligence that makes them more sensitive to others' feelings and to injustice. So people will disagree with other people because those differences often put them at odds and contradict each other.

Humanity is not a monolith. The notion that everyone ought to conform to their own specific narrow set of views is absolutely abhorrent and exposes their close-minded dogmatic tripe.

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The same attitude occurs everywhere, I have encountered it often here as well. Try to discuss something with someone backing up your points with facts and they simply respond with an insult, almost makes you want to stop bothering to try and have a civil discussion on the internet.

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Shut up fag


Remember that 99% of people who read your comment dont type a response.

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You should read the comments on their Facebook posts. Usually the top voted ones are calling them out on the bullshit. The most active part of their fan-base is people who only stay subscribed to trash talk and mock them.

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His people could stop fuckong goats

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The same way we reeducated people who got their info from the Daily Show. Replace him with a new, unfunny host.

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Hasan could try exploding. That would affect us.

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That has been the left's plan for sometime. Alienate the right-wing and then reeducate them. Its the base mainstream thought in the education system and its becoming even more dominant throughout the psychological community(not bad yet but its going there) and when it enters the realm of the psychiatric field then we know it is bad(brain chemistry needs to be rewired for political "mental disorders").

Of course, the Young Turks are not to be taken too seriously because they are very far on the left. The main problem with that is many people read and believe them. We need to start thrusting the Alex Jones constituency against the Young Turks/CNN crowd. We are officially in Civil War/Revolutionary mode starting now and it won't change. We need to remain rational though, remain alert, and stay on our guard.

We need to let our enemies lunge too far, so we can make the lethal strike when the time calls for it(they will leave themselves exposed by lunging too far towards us). We must not accept any concessions either with any part of the left or the Republican/neocon constituency. We are done. We have had enough. Its time for the madness to stop. Before Reconstruction/Union initiated Civil War America was a socially functional/stable, safe, culturally rich, politically balanced(with some faults of course), and economically prosperous land.

We are not too far from becoming a second-rate squatters refuge. We need the people's support and we need lots and lots of money to make what needs to be done an actual reality. The system is never going to let us in and if anything there is a better chance that the far-left makes it into power(I believe they are already in power, but have not really exposed themselves too much).

Our country is a wreck of its former self and Trump is not going to save it(its going to take the efforts of a very powerful far-right wing oligarchy, a re-inspired middle-class that realizes embracing its cultural and ethnic heritage is the way to preserve their political rights and advance their economic condition, and the popular masses to rise up against state tyranny(at least in this sense we have a similar justification to the American Patriots for starting the American Revolution).

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I think the young turks are closer to mainstream left than you believe. If they weren't we wouldn't be in the middle of a purge.

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I have always viewed the Young Turks as being far-left essentially because they support the militant conduct of Antifa. I think the mainstream left is far more radicalized than people give them credit for being. The mainstream right has just become extremely soft on many issues.

The mainstream will be more radicalized than normal when you have people like George Soros/Zuckerberg and the media industry to guard for you. I guess they are more mainstream like the Occupy Wall Street movement and Michael Moore, if you mean that, but these people are very, very radical and Michael Moore is like a more extreme left-wing version of Alex Jones.

The purge is happening because the left-wing is trying to protect its establishment as it moves towards the far-left(its been happening since Bill Clinton(who was very, very moderate himself) and one can say that the baseline was provided by JFK/Lyndon B. Johnson and even if we one goes far back enough Franklin D. Roosevelt. It can't afford to have the right-wing mainstream, like Alex Jones empowering the alt-right and far-right.

Its why they have gone after Alex and have not gotten after those that would be considered more extreme. Next they will go after some of the more right-wing leaning conservative talk show hosts(Savage and possibly Glenn Beck(for his extreme libertarianism and for some other reasons).

They will not go after the Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly crowd because they are very, very soft and sort of float with the winds(In Dante's Inferno they are the floaters between heaven and hell).

Fox News, which is run by Rupert Murdoch is meant to sell dumb-downed and mediocre conservatism so everyone watching can believe they are being super conservative for watching it just because they are not watching CNN or MSNBC.

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they literally are the mainstream left. they get paid by leftist shill entities

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"How do we reeducate those people?"

AND SO IT BEGINS!! https://imgoat.com/uploads/fc3d7152ba/132963.jpg

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