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So is this guy saying that the govt should be able to seize any property for any reason, assuming it is part of a justified or corrupt rule of law? How is that different from the communists throwing you in a gulag and seizing your assets for wrongthink?

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I like rhetorical questions

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They're rhetorical because they're unquestionably true.

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What he's really saying is, "After the commie revolution, all you stuffs belong to the state."

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That's the way I took it.

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Its not.

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Only if you have wrong think

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That's the kind of stupid that ferments when you live in a "safe space" where nobody is allowed to tell you you're an idiot

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Seems like complete and total Satanic inversion, from where I'm sitting.

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Ding ding ding. People who refuse to identify the spiritual nature of the world's strife are not even on the battlefield

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  1. An inversion of what? In order to be an inversion something have to have an obverse. There's no opposite of retarded honking.

  2. Satan isn't real, it's just Jews and shitty humans

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I really don't understand why people vehemently oppose President Trump (what has he done?) and hate white people for being white (they were made that way, "just like fags")

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I really don't understand why people vehemently oppose President Trump

Which people EXACTLY? What is the long-term plan for the US of those people?

what has he done?

He is not a leftist, and he has temporarily stopped (((their))) transformation of the US into the next Soviet Union.

hate white people for being white

They dont hate white people for being white. They want white peoples stuff. Since they cant win an outright hot war against white people, they are attempting to engineer a political setting where they can utilize the state to take white peoples stuff "peacefully" through taxation. In order for that plan to work, you need a LOT of voter coordination. This works best when you brainwash people either into a state of fear or HATE, so that they start doing the same stuff at the same time instinctively like a swarm of birds without having to be told every single step explicitely.

What (((they))) want of non-whites it to ALL at the same time vote against whites in order to first outnumber them, then take their country, and finally take all their stuff. At the same time while they are brainwashing the non-whites already in the country, they are importing more non-whites by the boatloads.

The one and only long-term goal of leftists is to take your stuff and make you provide for them against your will. 1000 yrs ago, you would just conquer a place, loot their valuables, enslave their women, kill or enslave their men. Today outright military conquest doesnt work any more, but at the same time people have invented that stupidity called democracy, where you can easily persuade a gullible, high-trust people to take millions of your people, and let them vote, and a few years later you have somebody whose name you cant even pronounce run for office and promise to increase your taxes. And THAT is what leftists want. And THAT is what Trump is slowing down and outright stopping. And since Trump is the first one who realized what they are attempting and the first who openly talks about it and wakes people up, THAT is why they "oppose" him so vehemently. He is putting their plan in danger which has been running over half a century now. He is putting it in danger shortly before completion. 1-2 more election cycles with Hillary or Jeb, and whites would be hopelessly outnumbered and would not be the host population of the USA any more, and would definitely not be able to win a single election.

Trump has demonstrated that (((they)) have successively brainwashed ALL non-whites in the US vote for a single party which main goal is to increase taxes on whites, and that the only way for whites to prevent that is to collectively vote for a white party while they still can, while they are still not outnumbered.

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Outnumbered for maybe another 10 years. After that whites will be a global minority everywhere. The second piece to this was to dehumanize whites to make it seem like committing atrocities against them is justified. Who cares if whitey can't find a job? Not my problem, as long as that guy keeps paying into the system. So somehow we now have a group of people(white) who are permanently an upper class according to the left, but treated as no better than slave cattle in reality. The media has done an excellent job evading the real question which is: how much influence do white people really have in anything anymore?

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Very good question that needs an immediate solution. I get a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when someone implies that their rules over ride my rules. That type of shit starts wars that nobody wins, and that philosophers disect decades later. I suspect Trump goes outside of their understanding of how the world works. Much like guys who write poetry for girls so they can get laid instead of for the greater cultural good.

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Has done a lot. A lot of great things.

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Is it really possible to be this much of a douchebag?

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Propaganda is a hell of a drug

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In my state this is the normal

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I hope these faggots truly start some shit and quit hiding behind their keyboards/phones. The New Crusades will be epic.

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Deus Vult?

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The New Crusades will be epic.

The old Crusades required the authority of the Pope and having the general population believe that the Pope was the direct authority of God.

Good luck achieving that.

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We have no Pope. Satan has conquered the Vatican.

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the backlash is gonna be epic

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Noticed the blue check.

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Great, since He put up a Hillary sign, we can seize his and all other supporters homes as part of the uranium one investigation.

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