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this Q stuff is obviously bullshit, how much of the shit that comes from Q is true? I bet Alex Jones has a better record, and he admits hes a jew.

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4 month shill account

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EVERYONE I DONT AGREE WITH IS A SHILLL REEEEEEEE. I like how you people dont argue any facts, just name call like communists and zionists. Qanon is keeping people passive, that ever looming thought of "something is going to happen soon!" keeps people passive, from assembling and demanding actual change. Keeps you people from actually getting involved with local government, takes your mind off of it, and thats why I think its bullshit. Taking over your local government from who ever the fuck is running it is the first step in taking back the country. Not relying on some alleged insider and Trump to "kill" the "shadow government".

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Look at the timestamp, dipshit.

Oh... I guess that is just all a COHENCIDENCE, EH?

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fuck off leaf

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How is Hillary involved? Is there something in the publicly available emails connecting her?

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wow a post-hoc reference to a time stamp...which means....absolutely fucking nothing

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It's almost like you're defending Obama and saying Hillary would never kill anyone.

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Not at all. We are just saying Q is a fraud, not that these allegations are false.